Friday, October 31, 2008

October 31, 2008

I didn't even realize it was Halloween starting this show otherwise I might have done something themed. Both turntables were working though, so my theme was quality air for the first time in a while.

Little Lungs- Loft Coffin
Queen Mab- J Is for Jesus Christ
The Bayonettes- We're Doomed
Life Partners- Ace of Spades
Mika Miko- Sex Jazz (extended)
Libyans- The Price We Pay
Bones Brigade- Never Meant Much
Former Members of Alfonsin- Devil's Vocabulary Test
Rabies- Zombies Ate My Neighbors
Red Thread- Double Speak
Wasted Time- I'm Surrounded by Winners
Rot Shit- Full Retarded
Nine Curve- Shoot Sign
Faithealer- Bound and Chained
Tragedy- Call to Arms
Trifle Tower- Criancas da Rua
Defeatist- White as Scars
Iron Lung- Future Corpse
Struggle- Culture
Turboslut- Dry
Fire Party- Jerk
P.S. Eliot- Entrendre
Witches With Dicks- How to Cook for 40 Humans
Vivian Girls- All the Time
New Bloods- Doubles
Autistic Youth- Smash and Kill
Torrington- Choke
Rosenbombs- Deficient
Coke Bust- Fumigation
Apeshit!- Hamster
Timber- Ritual Curse
Plunger- Swallowtale
Shorebirds- D.O.A.
Brain Handle- Oblivion Crud
Conversions- Basement Escapism
Flowers in the Attic- Ode to the Six Foot Hole
Econochrist- Passed On

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