Friday, September 25, 2009

Moderate Rock

So I was just not that into my show last night, and I'm lazy and don't feel like upping my whole playlist. Instead I'll leave you with an album that you'll probably care more about anyway.

I posted some Margaret Thrasher a little while back, and since then they released an LP (and also broke up). I don't think Moderate Rock grabs me quite as much as the 7"s, but that may be hard to do. They still give you a dose of straight-up hardcore with throaty lady vocals, this time even scratchier I think. Jules gets it going from the very beginning with "fuuuuuck, not again." "Raise the Bar" was one of my favorite longs from the 7"s and is rerecorded here. It's played faster but somehow doesn't have the same bounce to it. Putting this all together, it doesn't sound like I really like this LP that much, but I do. I really do. A lot.

This was released on P-Trash but is already out of print, so try to hunt it down through some other distros.

Supposedly some of the people from this band have something new going on, but I can't remember the name of it. I'll try to remember to ask Foreign Objects tonight (listen to them at 10 on Christa's show!).

Margaret Thrasher- Moderate Rock

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


I keep thinking I've heard my favorite demo of the year. First it was Foreign Objects. Then it was Bloody Gears. Then it was the Waifs. This time, I think Fleabag have done it.

I guess this band's biggest claim to fame is that they're ex-Punkin Pie. I must confess that I've never been super fond of this band. They're super cute, of course, but if I'm gonna go with Plan-It-X-y pop punk, I think I'd choose another.

Fleabag, on the other hand, are beyond awesome. I first heard them on the Best of the Nest 2009 compilation put out by the New York-based feminist zine distro For the Birds (this is an awesome tape/CD by the way, so track it down!). My first time listening through this comp, I loved the Fleabag track the most. On the way down to Best Friends Day, Josh brought their tape along for the drive, and I fell further in love. One thing that I think is really cool is that they put the five songs on both sides of the cassette. They're one of a bunch of awesome pop bands from the Bay Area right now (maybe stretching it on the Bay a bit, but who's excited for the Sourpatch LP?!) They did an East Coast tour this summer, but hit Worcester rather than Boston. Hopefully they'll come back again!

"Curb Appeal" is their track on the Best of the Nest, and I think it remains my favorite on the demo (at least for now since I'm most familiar with it). Like the rest of the tape, it's pretty straight-up pop punk with some '90s indie rock mixed in. I always love songs that reminisce about being a certain age- this really gets me with "we were all 19, you'll forget me by the end of the week." Even just getting a chance to listen to more of the tracks now, they all get a big thumbs up from me. This tape rules- perfect for walking by the river in the sun, or in a few weeks, lamenting the sun that is no longer around.

I thought this flier was cool, and I don't have the tape yet, so I can't scan in that art.

You can't really order this online, but if you get in touch with me I can send you their address and you might be able to grab a copy.

Fleabag- Demo

Monday, September 21, 2009

Bitch School

I can't believe it's the end of summer. Like officially now. September 22nd is the fall equinox. I think I went through some intense listening phases this summer. It was primarily Lookout!-Dangerhouse Summer 2K9, but especially at the beginning of the summer it was Slampt-fest. OK not so much Slampt, but a lot of stuff that sounds like it could be on Slampt. Basically just snotty grrrls playing fuzzy pop kinda stuff. Basically when I was ripping a bunch of vinyl there was one awesome bin with things like Bette Davis and the Balconettes and Budget Girls.

Bitch School is a band I don't know too much about, and I can't find any info about them. This self-titled 7" came out in 1999 I believe on Lipstick Records. Straight-up power pop with a bit of fuzz. Crush songs about record shops? The best!

If you know anymore about this band or how I might possibly get a copy of this 7", let me know! (If it wasn't clear from the picture, this copy is from the station.)

Bitch School- s/t 7"


Oh yeah and this weekend was awesome! Teenage Cool Kids were beyond fun. It was great to have a dance party with Audrey & Mark & Dan & lots of sweaty strangers I don't know. If you took pictures send me some.

Friday, September 18, 2009

September 17, 2009 (PRDCT #26)

I wish I had recorded this show-- I think it was definitely one of my favorite solo shows I've done in quite a while. Thanks to the guy who called in about United Mutation. Hopefully I'll rip some new stuff to put up soon... got a busy week ahead though.

Box Elders- "Alice and Friends" | Alice and Friends (7Inch, 2009) | Goner
P.S. Eliot- "Sore Subject" | Introverted Romance in Our Troubled Minds (LP, 2009) | Salinas (playlist)
Thee Crucials- "Squares Beware" | Live at the Mystery Spot (7Inch, 2006) | Rob's House
Magnitude 3- "Gloria" | Melvin b/w Gloria (7Inch, 1995) | Goner
Wounded Lion- "Wyld Parrots" | Creatures in the Cave (7Inch, 2009) | Down in the Ground/Gilgongo (playlist)
Bratmobile- "P.R.D.C.T." | Pottymouth (CD, 1991) | Kill Rock Stars

The Avengers- "We Are the One" | We Are the One (7Inch, 1977) | Dangerhouse
The Joneses- "Bedrock" | Criminal (12Inch, 2008) | Full Breach Kicks
The Diamond Sea- "Heavy Skies" | Slow Signal (10Inch, 2009) | Yellow Ghost (playlist)
Third Party- "Work Anthem" | Greatest Hits (7Inch, 1996) | Crackpipe
Social Circkle- "USSA" | Static Eyes (7Inch, 2006) | No Way

Media Disease- "Unwritten Laws" | Hit and Run (7Inch, 1990) | Lost & Found
Margaret Thrasher- "The Next Best Thing" | Are You There God? It's Me Margaret Thrasher (7Inch, 2006) | Clarence Thomas
Maggot Sandwich- "Communism" | Dead to My World (7Inch, 1985) | KML
Nobody's Heroes- "Bloodbath at the Senior Prom" | Kill Tomorrow (7Inch, 1998) | Bernt Harry Butt
Turboslut- "Exorcism" | split with Pygmy Lush (LP, 2009) | Exotic Fever (playlist)
Baader Brains- "Body of the King" | The Complete Unfinished Works Of The Young Tigers (LP, 2008) | Empyre (request)

The Men- "Ailment" | We Are the Men (12Inch, 2009) | Self-Released (playlist)
United Mutation- "Infinite Regression" | Rainbow Person (7Inch, 1984) | DSI
No Talk- "Tighten the Noose" | Tighten the Noose (7 Inch, 2008) | AG82/Cutthroat/Death Exclamations/Psychowolf
The Fartz- "People United" | World Full of Hate (LP, 1982) | Alternate Tentacles
Kieltolaki- "Totaalisen Tuhon Huominen" | Totaalisen Tuhon Huominen (7Inch, 2007) | Moo Cow

Sirens- "Marching In" | Where Have You Been? (7Inch, 2006) | Regeneration/Nation of Finks
Good Grief- "C.F.D." | This is Fucked, This Is Shit (7Inch, 1992) | Homemade
Kitty Cat Spy Club- "Girl Love" | split with the Teenagers (7Inch, 1995) | Radio Trash
The Intelligence- "Reading and Writing About Partying" | Reading and Writing About Partying b/w Like Like Like Like Like Like Like (7Inch, 2009) | Raw Deluxe
The Brentwoods- "Do the Bug with Me" | Do the Bug with Me b/w Buri Buri U.S.A. (7Inch, 1995) | Telstar
Teenage Cool Kids- "Speaking in Tongues" | Foreign Lands (LP, 2009) | Protagonist (playlist)

Dead Dog- "Swallow It" | Dead Dog (12Inch, 2008) | Mauled by Tigers
Wayward Youth- "Do You Wanna" | Killed by Death #15.5 (LP, 1998) | Killed by Death
Neo Boys- "Rich Man's Deam" | Neo Boys (7Inch, 1981) | Trap
Nobodys- "I Wanna Be a Ramone" | Nobodys (7Inch, 1997) | Hopeless
Gynecologists- "Gym Gerrard" | Bloodstains Across the Midwest (LP, 1994) | Bloodstains

OK?- "Duress" | Everything Is Going to Be (7Inch, 2009) | Life's a Rape (playlist)
Sons of Ishmael- "Small Town Mentality" | Hayseed Hardcore (7Inch, 1985) | Death Enema
Melee- "Landlords" | One Way Dead End (7Inch, 2002) | Lengua Armada
Grids- "My Own Parts" | Grids (7Inch, 2009) | Lunchbox (playlist)
Sedition- "Disgrace" | Endless Struggle (LP, 1995) | 1 in 12

Canadian Rifle- "Live Infected" | Visibility Zero (LP, 2009) | Residue
Youth Brigade- "Last Word" | Flex Your Head (CD, 1982) | Dischord
Bomber- "When Your Time Is Up" | Mourning (7Inch, 2009) | Cowabunga/On-High (playlist)
Reagan Youth- "Reagan Youth" | Vol. 1 (LP, 1990) | New Red Archives
Flag of Democracy- "Houses Made for Mannequins" | Shatter Your Day (LP, 1986) | Buy Our Records
Fleabag- "Curb Appeal" | The Best of the Nest 2009 (CD, 2009) | For the Birds (playlist)

Neighborhood Watch- "Politics" | Neighborhood Watch (7Inch, 1987) | Vinyl Communications
The Grand High Potentates- "Batman" | Batman b/w Psycho (7Inch) | Unga Bunga
Drunkdriver- "Fire Sale" | Fire Sale (7Inch, 2009) | Fashionable Idiots (playlist)

Friday, September 11, 2009

September 10, 2009 (PRDCT #25)

Smart Cops- "K.O.P." | Cominciare a Vivere (7Inch, 2009) | Sorry State
Wrangler Brutes- "Rap Music" | Wrangler Brutes Tape (LP, 2005) | X-Mist
Turboslut- "Speed" | split with Pygmy Lush (LP, 2009) | Exotic Fever (playlist)
Crucifix- "See Through Their Lies" | Dehumanization (LP, 1983) | Corpus Christi
Anti You- "Anti You Too" | Making Your Life Miserable (7Inch, 2008) | No Way

Dark Ages- "Radioactive States of America" | Vicious Lie (7Inch, 2009) | Cowabunga (playlist)
Divisions- "Vomit Wounds" | Divisions (7Inch, 2008) | Human Crush
Human Mess- "At War" | Follow You Home (LP, 2009) | No Way
Terminal Youth- "Money and a Name" | Shit Fit (7Inch, 2003) | Rich White Kids
Logic Problem- "Inherent Goodness" | No Center (7Inch, 2009) | Grave Mistake (playlist)

Bomber- "Mourning" | Mourning (7Inch, 2009) | Cowabunga/On-High (playlist)
Formaldehyde Junkies- "PCP Funtime" | Formaldehyde Junkies (7Inch, 2006) | Fashionable Idiots
Youth Against Fascism- "P.R.I." | Libertad y Justicia para Quien? (7Inch, 1996) | Alarma
Strangle Hold- "She's Not Leaving" | Leisure Tour '84 (7Inch, 1984) | Taang/One-Step
OK?- "Earthseed" | Everything Is Going to Be (7Inch, 2009) | Life's A Rape (playlist)

N.N.- "Ataque de Nervios" | N.N. (7Inch, 2008) | Lengua Armada
Bukkake Boys- "Mind Thoughts" | Splendid Thoughts (7 Inch, 2008) | Vile Minds
Dir Yassin- "Untitled" | Dir Yassin (7Inch, 2001) | Lengua Armada
Dysfunctional Youth- "Todays' Youth" | Pogo Attack (LP, 1995) | Pogo Punk
Seasick- "Ennui" | Ennui (7Inch, 2009) | Headcount (playlist)

Amateur Party- "Public Utility Complaint" | Public Utility Complaint (7Inch, 2009) | Paramnesia
The Shitty Limits- "Smart Guys" | Beware the Limits (CD, 2009) | Sorry State (playlist)
Yikes- "Putrifiers" | Secrets to Superflipping (10Inch, 2006) | Upset the Rhythm
Engine Boo- "Havana" | Engine Boo (7Inch, 1996) | Wallabies
Night of Pleasure- "Bitch Pitch" | Night of Pleasure (7Inch, 2007) | Columbus Discount

TV Ghost- "The Nihilist" | TV Ghost (LP, 2007) | Die Stasi
The Men- "Sketchy Pussy" | We Are the Men (12Inch, 2009) | Self-Released (playlist)
The Nuns- "World War III" | Live (7Inch, 1980) | Rosco
Rhino 39- "Prolixin Stomp" | Dangerhouse Volume One (LP, 1991) | Frontier
Foreign Objects- "White Elephant" | Foreign Objects (7Inch, 2009) | Loud Punk/Shock to the System (playlist)
The Konks- "Three Mile Baby" | The Konks (7Inch, 2001) | Baby Doll
The Stains- "Sick of Being Sick" | The Stains (7Inch, 1980) | Gutterworst
Wounded Lion- "Wyld Parrots" | Creatures in the Cave (7Inch, 2009) | Down in the Ground/Gilgongo (playlist)
Sourpatch- "He's Succeeding" | The Best of the Nest 2009 (CD, 2009) | For the Birds (playlist)

Deep Sleep- "On a Slab" | Three Things at Once (CD, 2009) | Grave Mistake (playlist)
Fleabag- "Curb Appeal" | The Best of the Nest 2009 (CD, 2009) | For the Birds (playlist)
Sexy- "Alchemy" | Por Vida (LP, 2009) | Thrillhouse
This Is My Fist!- "Wooden Bullets" | A History of Rats (LP, 2006) | No Idea
P.S. Eliot- "We'd Never Agree" | Introverted Romance in Our Troubled Minds (LP, 2009) | Salinas (playlist)

AK-47- "The Badge Means You Suck" | Bloodstains Across Texas (LP, 1992) | Bloodstains
Stand Off- "Negative Thoughts" | Over All (7Inch, 1995) | Distraught Records
Deep Wound- "I Saw It" | Deep Wound (LP, 1983) | Damaged Goods
Oi Polloi- "Reach for the Light" | Resist the Atomic Menace (7Inch, 1995) | Campary
El Smasho!- "Red Devil" | Clown in the Family (7Inch, 1990) | Bonehead
Terminal Disgust- "United Police States of America" | Start a Riot! (LP, 1996) | Clean Plate
Punch- "We're Not in This Together" | Punch (LP, 2009) | 625 Thrash/Discos Huelgas (playlist)

Strung Up- "D.M.S." | No Bullshit Vol. 1 (7Inch, 2007) | No Way
Direct Control- "Fake" | No Bullshit Vol. 1 (7Inch, 2007) | No Way
Domestik Doktrin- "Saturday Night Fever" | Domestik Doktrin (7Inch, 2004) | 625 Thrash
Dead Friends- "Crass Fts" | Dead Friends (LP, 2009) | Drugged Conscience/Pure Pain Sugar (playlist)

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Anti Scrunti Faction

Here's another remnant from the summer. While I'm excited to get back to my regular show, having guest DJs always mixed things up and introduced me to some new records. When Steve came in to spin some stuff, he brought in Anti Scrunti Faction.

It's not too hard to track down this band since Leslie Mah from Tribe 8 was in it. A.S.F. were total bad ass feminists in their own right though, appearing in cool queer zines like J.D.s and writing songs like "Slave to My Estrogen." Plus they were totally crusty looking kids who wrote songs about what made them angry. Or sometimes depressed or happy. Check out this old MRR profile for some more info along with this Flipside interview. Plus in that Flipside interview Leslie says, "I like colors and being positive." And I think they're way snottier than Tribe 8. Seriously, what's not to love? Their LP, Damsels in Distress, is long out of print, so do yourself a favor and grab it below.

Oh yeah, and speaking of MRR, the queer punk issue is out now so check it out!

Anti Scrunti Faction- Damsels in Distress

Friday, September 4, 2009

September 4, 2009 (PRDCT #24)

Things are mostly back to normal now-- the series of guest DJs from the summer is over. The new schedule for the semester will be instituted next week, so look for my new time slot then.

The Men- "Ailment" | We Are the Men (LP, 2009) | Self-Released (playlist)
Black Flag- "Can't Decide" | My War (LP, 1983) | SST
Robocop 3- "Fuck You Doc Hopper" | If the Door is Locked There's Someone In There (7Inch, 2007) | Thrillhouse
The Randumbs- "7/4" | The Randumbs (7Inch, 1997) | Radio
Nomos- "The Most Dangerous Game" | Demo (7Inch, 2009) | Deranged (playlist)

F.Y.P.- "Dress Code" | Made in U.S.A. (7Inch, 1991) | Recess
Dead Uncles- "Applauded Droning" | Cut Down to Sighs (7Inch, 2009) | Self-Released (playlist)
Fleabag- "Curb Appeal" | The Best of the Nest 2009 (CD, 2009) | For the Birds (playlist)
Chopper- "Not Perfect" | Self-Preservation Society (7Inch, 1995) | Crackle
The Stitches- "Electroshock Carol" | Twelve Imaginary Inches (LP, 2002) | TKO

KGBeasley and the Leather Violence- "Sonic Bondage" | Sonic Bondage (7Inch, 2009) | Heavy Leather
Dead Friends- "I Wish You Were in BKLN Too" | Dead Friends (LP, 2009) | Drugged Conscience/Pure Pain Sugar (playlist)
Cheap Tragedies- "Days of Our Lies" | Cheap Tragedies (7Inch, 2008) | No Idea/High Anxiety 416
Private School- "Fuck You" | Smash the State (LP, 1979) | No Exit
Punch- "Right of Way" | Punch (LP, 2009) | 625 Thrash/Discos Huelgas (playlist)

The Birthday Party- "She's Hit" | Junkyard (LP, 1982) | 4AD
Drunkdriver- "It Never Happened" | Fire Sale (7Inch, 2009) | Fashionable Idiots (playlist)
The King Cobra- "March on Pompeii" | The King Cobra (CD, 2003) | Troubleman Unlimited

Registrators- "Girl Girl Girl" | Girl Girl Girl (7Inch, 1995) | Mangrove
Mika Miko- "Blues Not Speed" | We Be Xuxa (LP, 2009) | Post Present Medium
General Interest- "I Still Vote for Reagan" | Right by the Beach (12Inch, 2009) | Ride the Snake (playlist)
Guilty Faces- "Nightmares" | Nightmares (7Inch, 2008) | Room 101
Teenage Cool Kids- "Animal Sounds" | Foreign Lands (LP, 2009) | Protagonist (playlist)

Sleetmute Nightmute- "The V & V Girls" | Night School (7Inch, 2002) | Kill Rock Stars
Really Red- "Crowd Control" | Crowd Control (7Inch, 1979) | CIA
OK?- "Duress" | Everything Is Going to Be (7Inch, 2009) | Life's A Rape (playlist)
August Spies- "Eat a Bag of Shit" | August Spies (7Inch, 1996) | Rodent Popsicle
Bomber- "Lying Dogs" | Mourning (7Inch, 2009) | Cowabunga/On-High (playlist)

P.S. Eliot- "We'd Never Agree" | Introverted Romance in Our Troubled Minds (LP, 2009) | Salinas (playlist)
The Raunch Hands- "Stomp It" | Stomp It (7Inch, 1984) | Egon
Jacuzzi Boys- "You Should Know" | Island Ave. (7Inch, 2008) | Hozac
Coconut Coolouts- "Head Full of Stones" | Pizza Regret (7Inch, 2007) | Seeing Eye
The Royal Coachmen- "Lollipop" | Move It! (LP, 1966) | Teenage Shutdown
Wounded Lion- "Wyld Parrots" | Creatures in the Cave (7Inch, 2009) | Down in the Ground/Gilgongo (playlist)

Sweet Weapon- "Oh..!? Jesus Knocked Down" | Overheat (7Inch) | Nitro
The Twerps- "Happy Little Tykes" | split with the Showcase Showdown (7Inch) | 702
The Diamond Sea- "Safe Keeping" | Slow Signal (10Inch, 2009) | Yellow Ghost (playlist)

Abe Froman- "Fair Friend" | split with Soophie Nun Squad (LP, 2003) | Harlan

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Diamond Sea

Summer is finally coming to a close (today was my first day of classes), so I figure it's time for a bit of reflection on one of my favorite things I picked up this summer.

I was lucky enough to see the Diamond Sea play three dates on their northeast-ish tour. Hopefully if you live above the Mason-Dixon line you got a chance to see them as well. Despite the fact that I saw them three times in four days, each show was awesome. Their tour kick-off was the dyke march benefit show on Friday, June 26 in New York. The Carnal Knowledge reunion was insane. Missed them the next night at Dan's house, but I heard it was fun, and the boys seemed to still be recovering as we drove out to Western Mass the next day. Meghan put together an awesome show. We missed Brain Killer but caught Waste Management, the Diamond Sea, Cult Ritual, Ampere, and Aerosols. The following night just required a short bike ride over to Gay Gardens to see Afflictions, Confines, and then the Diamond Sea and Cult Ritual again. Confines were my favorite of the evening. Their demo is all gone now, but you can (and should) download it here. While you're there, check out the Bloody Gears demo too because it rules.

the diamond sea 062909  1

OK, back to the task at hand. My favorite description of this band is "The Diamond Sea sounds like Sleater-Kinney through a Gang Of Four filter." Aside from the gimicky name drops and what not that make it so great, it's also probably the most accurate one.

This 10" was put out by Yellow Ghost. Tara has also set up a bunch of awesome tours in Australia for bands like Ampere & Daniel Striped Tiger, and Punch will be headed over there soon.

When I first grabbed this record I listened to the A-side over and over. "Heavy Skies" is probably my favorite of the album. While the first half is great, I think my focus on it meant I didn't listen to the B-side enough. "Safe Keeping" is certainly another favorite. Anyway, I'm kind of spent on writing about music for the day and I started this over a month ago, so I don't really remember where I wanted to go with this. I'll just let the Diamond Sea's music speak for itself.

The Diamond Sea- Slow Signal
Get it here