Friday, October 10, 2008

P'Haunt + the Go Team

I just got my new Pocahaunted record in the mail from Teardrops. They continue to deliver as usual. Get it from Teardrops or Not Not Fun. Any time you describe something as "post-rocky grooves, shoegaze drama, drugged funk, and Fleetwood Mac," I'm sold.


The Go Team were a super group of Pacific Northwesterners before they were stars. They started in 1985 in Olympia and were done by '89 but managed to release a couple cassettes, a nine month series of singles, and tour the East Coast.

Calvin Johnson was already making waves with Beat Happening and K Records. The other main player was Tobi Vail, who would soon write about angry grrrls and play in Bikini Kill. The rest of their rotating crew included Billy Karen (who also went on to Bikini Kill), Lois, Donna Dresch, and Kurt (credited as 'Kurdt' on the July single) Cobain (who was swooning over Tobi at the time).

The Go Team released Archer Come Sparrow as a cassette in 1989 (I think on K). It's nice outside, and I don't really feel like writing more about this right now, but good pop. I'll probably post something heavy soon to balance things out.

The Go Team- Archer Come Sparrow


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Anonymous said...

Louise "Zeb" Olsen of Matrimony, Viva Knievel, Mesmo and Some Velvet Sidewalk, was also a off and on member of The Go Team when she lived in Olympia. Thank you so much for posting this.