Monday, October 13, 2008

More Vivian Girls

I just got my absentee ballot in the mail today. I'm sure you've heard how important it is to vote in this election, so I'm not going to go on too much about it. If you're voting in California like I am, be sure to watch out for Propositions 4 & 8. Prop 4 is parental notifcation for abortions for minors, and Prop 8 is attempting to reverse the court's discussing regarding same-sex marriage. Voting NO on both of them is really important (votes against parental notifcation and against a ban on gay marriage).


I'm attempting to put together a last minute show for Little Lungs this coming Sunday. They're really awesome pop punk from New York/New Jersey, and if you can help out in any way (venue-wise or band-wise), it would be greatly appreciated.


On Saturday night, KJ & I took some of the compers and met up with Christa & Jim at the Life Partners 7" release show. It ended up getting shut down, and everyone but Life Partners got to play. We only saw Eunuch (Boston's only all-female, interracial power violence band featuring members of Libyans, Red Thread, & General Interest) because we went down to get Chinese food and got locked out and came back up to a bunch of cops outside the locked door.

After interviewing Fucked Up with Dan yesterday (I'll post that soon), I went to see their show with Vivian Girls with Mary, Izzy, & Meg. We didn't end up staying for Fucked Up, but I heard their set was good from Christa & Dan.

Vivian Girls played a solid set, and I now have the biggest crush on Kickball Katy.

They're coming again in November, and we'll hopefully have them in for a set/interview then.

They were selling a CD-R of a live set on WFMU which I picked up. It's mostly songs they've recorded before with a few that are unreleased otherwise. Even though it's live, it sounds almost the same as their other recordings. Definitely pick it up if you can though I doubt it'll last through the tour (only 150 made), and be sure to see them if they make their way to your town.

The reissue of their self-titled LP is now available from In the Red if you missed it the first time around. They've got a bunch with them on tour too.

Vivian Girls- Live on WFMU


Dominique Montgomery said...

I haven't listened to Little Lungs yet but I keep meaning to because they're playing the same show TTF is playing at FEST 7. Thanks for this live Vivian Girls, I'm excited about it!!!

Catherine said...

Awesome... I've been listening to the three songs on their myspace over and over again- can't wait til I get the demo in the mail.
I didn't know that TTF were playing at the Fest... I wish I could go, but it's so far & got school.
When's your 7" coming out? Can we get a copy to add to our playlist? Not sure if you'll even get this comment, but maybe email me ( rather than engage in a conversation over blog comments?