Monday, November 30, 2009

Slumberland orgy this week!

So I've been just terrible at keeping this up lately- I didn't even post the last two PRDCT playlists. Well, my excuse is that school sucks. I'm writing a thesis, so until March 1, this blog probably won't see too much action. Maybe winter break will see an update.

Well, there's a little bit of good news to go along with this...

The last Cheeky show was awesome. Obviously, I'm sad to see them go, but I'm really excited to get the 12" in the mail (order one from Freedom School!), and I picked up a tape of a live recording of theirs which is cool.

I'll be doing a show with Christa next semester, which will rule. I haven't done a show with anyone for almost two years at this point, and Christa has gotten to hear me rant nearly every day for the past couple months about how excited I am that we're teaming up.

And in the more immediate future, I'm putting together a Slumberland orgy this week to help celebrate its incredible twenty years of indie pop.

As always, if you're in Boston, listen in at 95.3 fm; anywhere else you can steam live at

Friday, November 6, 2009

November 5, 2009 (PRDCT #33)

Please Inform the Captain This Is a Hijack- "We Train These Robots" | Defeat Or Humiliate The United States Of America (LP, 2006) | Clean Plate
Wipers- "Is This Real?" | Is This Real? (LP, 1979) | Park Ave.
Really Red- "Crowd Control" | Crowd Control (7Inch, 1979) | CIA
Shorebirds- "D.O.A." | Shorebirds (7Inch, 2008) | No Idea
The Rats- "Haywire Desire" | Intermittent Signals (LP, 2008) | Mississippi
Mob 47- "Res Dig Mot Overheten" | Kärnvapen Attack (7Inch, 1984) | Roj

Human Mess- "Useless and Unacceptable" | Follow You Home (LP, 2009) | No Way (playlist)
Negative FX- "Feel Like a Man" | Negative FX (LP, 1984) | TAANG!
Nightstick Justice- "Sick and Tired" | Claustrophobic (7 Inch, 2008) | Grave Mistake
Witches with Dicks- "How to Cook for 40 Humans" | Manual (LP, 2007) | Kiss of Death
Injections- "Prison Walls" | Bloodstains Across California (LP, 1993) | Bloodstains
Social Circkle- "Out of Focus" | City Shock (LP, 2009) | No Way (playlist)

Iron Lung- "One Cure for Two Diseases" | Life, Iron Lung, Death (LP, 2004) | 625 Thrash/Boredom Noise
Brainbombs- "Turn to Shit" | Fucking Mess (LP, 2008) | Lystring
Rusted Shut- "Feeling Weak" | Dead (CD, 2009) | Load (playlist)
The Men- "Ailment" | We Are the Men (12Inch, 2009) | Self-Released (playlist)
Francis Harold and the Holograms- "Glitter Girls" | Who Said These Were Happy Times (LP, 2009) | Going Underground/Square Wave
Dynasty- "Animal Disregard" | Animal Disregard (7Inch, 2006) | Dynasty
Nomos- "Operation Cyclone" | Demo (7Inch, 2009) | Deranged (playlist)
Margaret Thrasher- "Anti-Reverence Anthem" | Are You There God? It's Me Margaret Thrasher (7Inch, 2006) | Clarence Thomas

Sinks- "Get Outta My House" | Sinks (7Inch, 2007) | Fashionable Idiots
The Phantom Pregnancies- "Viva La Diva" | The Compilation That Could Have Been a Contender (LP, 2003) | Dim Mak
The Mo-dettes- "White Mice" | Kray Twins b/w White Mice (7Inch, 1979) | Human
P.S. Eliot- "We'd Never Agree" | Introverted Romance in Our Troubled Minds (LP, 2009) | Salinas (playlist)
Metal Pitcher- "The Moon" | Mental Picture b/w The Moon (7Inch, 1989) | Merge

Azalea & Jem
Jabberwocky- "Take the Money and Run" | Drunk on the Highway (7Inch, 1995) | Baby Doll Records
Cub- "Your Bed" | All Kindsa Girls Vol 2 (7Inch, 1994) | Munster
The Astro Zombies- "Fountainhead" | Fountainhead (7Inch, 1992) | Community 3
The Audience- "Voyeurs" | Young Soul (7Inch, 1998) | Gold Standard Laboratories
Pink Kross- "Velocababy" | Astral Angora (7Inch) | Nana
Action Patrol- "B Plus" | B is for Bombard (7Inch, 1996) | Assorted Porkchops
Alligator Gun- "Johnson" | I Told You So (7Inch, 1995) | Relativity Recordings
The Action Time- "You've Got To Escape from all the Heartbreak Pain in Living in the World Today" | Rock and Roll (7Inch, 2000) | Southern Records
The Adversives- "Garden City" | The Search for Roger Ferris (7Inch, 1996) | Farmhouse
The Ashley Stove- "Kanibits Waits" | Bolus (7Inch, 1993) | Anteaterelephantalufagus Music
Cactus Fossils- "Paper or Plastic?" | Cactus Fossils (7Inch, 1989) | Flip Side
The Jeff Humphrey Trio- "Smashing Bloke" | The Jeff Humphrey Trio (7Inch) | Troubleman Unlimited
Crawlspace- "Black to Comm" | Gimme the Keys!! (LP, 1988) | Trigon
I Have Mass- "Idiot Blue" | I Have Mass (7Inch) | LFM
The In Out- "The Long Fuse" | Hatched and Scrambled (7Inch, 1995) | Viscera-Versa

Giant Haystacks- "All This Could Be Yours" | split with This Is My Fist! (7Inch, 2004) on Art of the Underground/625 Thrash
Cat Party- "Jigsaw Thoughts" | Cat Party (LP, 2009) | Flat Back (playlist)
Turpentine Brothers- "Not Your Fashion" | Get Your Mind off Me (7 Inch, 2006) | Alien Snatch
The Mayfair Set- "Junked!" | Young One (12Inch, 2009) | Captured Tracks/Woodsist (playlist)
Cee Bee Beaumont- "Martini Stomp" | Activate the Cloudsley Plan (7Inch, 1996) | Damaged Goods

Butterglory- "Bike" | Butterglory (7Inch, 1993) | Merge
Mike Rep and the Quotas- "Village Idiot" | Quit Talking and Start Chalking (7Inch, 1993) | Siltbreeze

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Kitty Cat Spy Club

I just put up Thursday's Halloween show over here, so get yr cover on. I didn't quite get to play everything I wanted to (nothing off of Fortune Cookie Prize, for instance!), but it was a lot of fun!

Here's another gem of lo-fi punk. Kitty Cat Spy Club were a band in the early to mid 1990s out of the Bay Area. They remind me of some of the more down-tempo Frumpies stuff. In 1995 they put out the Decoy X split with the Teenagers on Radio Trash. I think the real tricky part is that the Teenagers were actually just an alias of KCSC with them mixing up what everyone played.

Kitty Cat Spy Club were a relatively short-lived band, but while they were around they played with the likes of Bikini Kill, Team Dresch, and the Donnas before they were the Donnas.

Kitty Cat Spy Club/Teenagers- Decoy X split