Friday, March 20, 2009

March 20, 2009 (PRDCT #7)

Turboslut- "Speed" | split with Pygmy Lush (LP, 2009) | Exotic Fever
The Body- "The City of the Magnificent Jewel" | The Body (CD, 2004) | Moganono
Mind Eraser- "Conscious" | Conscious/Unconscious (LP, 2008) | Clean Plate
Food- "March Fourth" | Food (LP, 2009) | Molsook (playlist)

H100s- "Brown Sugar" | Distort Cleveland (7 Inch, 1996) | Burrito
Amdi Petersens Arme- "De Hjernedodes Nat" | Histeria 2 (LP, 2004) | Lengua Armada
Draize- "Dead Where You Stand" | Long Knives (CD, 2009) | Self-Released (playlist)
Domestik Doktrin- "Ready for the Geek Attack?" | Domestik Doktrin (7 Inch) | 625 Thrash
Mother Fucking Titty Suckers- "Chinese Eyes" | split with 46 Short (7 Inch, 1998) | Last Dollar

Fresh Meat- "Bad Mask" | Leather Daddy (7 Inch, 2009) | Fashionable Idiots (playlist)
The New Flesh- "Nowhere" | The New Flesh (7 Inch, 2006) | Hit-Dat
Kilara- "Wishing" | split with Inquisition (7 Inch, 1995) | Pop a Wheelie
The Festival of Dead Deer- "Stagnant" | split with the Crimson Curse (7 Inch) | Three One G
Pissed Happy Children- "Dead Pig Tell No Tale!" | Vigilante/Gravel Truck (7 Inch, 1989) | New Beginning

Elder- "Golden Flower" | Elder (10 Inch, 2008) | Forge Again
Jasemine- "Restiction" | split with Ivich (7 Inch) | Stone Henge
Econochrist- "Withdrawal" | Skewed (7 Inch, 1993) | Ebullition
Fire Team Charlie- "Reflections of a Heartless Man" | Same (10 Inch, 2009) | Adagio 830 (playlist)
Pygmy Lush- "November Song" | split with Turboslut (LP, 2009) | Exotic Fever

Middle America- "Scars" | Scars (7 Inch, 2009) | Fashionable Idiots (playlist)
Rice- "The Seeds" | Rice (7 Inch, 1992) | Vinyl Communications
The Pist- "True Love" | Spit Right in Your Face... (7 Inch, 1994) | Stinky Twinkie Communications
Today's Overdose- "Insomnia" | Today's Overdose (7 Inch, 2006) | Profane Existence/Wasted Sounds
Fever- "Blinded" | South End Style (7 Inch, 2009) | 16OH (playlist)

Punch- "Semantically Challenged" | Eyeless (7 Inch, 2008) | 625 Thrash/Discos Huelgas
MK Ultra- "Stick Figure" | Stick Figure (7 Inch, 1995) | Self-Released
Esso Asso- "Insignation" | split with Abnormal Behavior (7 Inch, 1995)
Waste Management- "Dead Weight" | Get Your Mind Right (7 Inch, 2007) | Painkiller
Herds- "Antlers" | Herds (7 Inch, 2008) | Fashionable Idiots (playlist)

Slices- "Cave Crawl" | Slices (7 Inch, 2009) | 16OH (playlist)
The Hookers- "Kiss My Fucking Ass" | The Hookers (7 Inch, 1996) | Smut-e
Birth Control- "Going to Target" | Birth Control (7 Inch, 2008) | Fashionable Idiots (playlist)
Young Widows- "Took a Turn" | Old Wounds (LP, 2008) | Temporary Residence
Avskum- "Bulletproof" | In the Spirit of Mass Destruction (CD, 2000) | Prank

Immoral Squad- "Book" | split with Union of Uranus (7 Inch, 1994) | The Great American Steak Religion
Saetia- "Postlapsaria" | A Retrospective (CD, 2002) | Level Plane
Majority Rule- "The Sin in Grey" | Interviews with David Frost (CD, 2002) | Magic Bullet

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Machines, 1990-1993

Coming this May I'll be doing a Simple Machines orgy on the Record Hospital.

This is Jenny & Kristin taken from the Simple Machines site.

Simple Machines was a DC area (Arlington, Virginia to be exact) label run by Kristin Thomson & Jenny Toomey from 1990-1998. Its first releases centered around the very basic concept of the simple machine: wedge, wheel, pulley, screw, lever, & inclined plane. The first, Wedge, was released in April 1990, featuring Geek (one of Jenny's bands), the Hated, Lungfish, & Edsel. From there, the series expanded. Wheel came out in September of the same year with a press twice as large. Holy Rollers & the Juliana Experience contributed to that one. Pulley came out in June '91 with Bricks (a pre-Superchunk, pre-Tsunami project), My New Boyfriend, the Nation of Ulysses, & Mommyheads. Screw ensued the following month with Geek (the band's last hurrah), Velocity Girl, Jawbox, & Candy Machine. It was again a slightly larger press with 2500 total up from 2000 of the previous two. Lever followed in January 1992 with Autoclave, Severin, Circus Lupus, & Scrawl. Inclined Plane finished off the Machines series in January 1993 after Simple Machine's 1992 was occupied largely by the Fortune Cooke Prize comp, the Neapolitan Metropolitan box set, & Tsunami's Deep End. 4500 of this one were pressed with songs by Tsunami, Superchunk, Rodan, & Unrest. All of these 7"s were eventually compiled onto one CD, which is what I'm posting.

While putting out this six 7" series, Simple Machines managed to stay true to its goal of supporting their "peers' efforts by working with other small labels, bands, and local businesses to sustain a productive, self sufficient punk/la la network." You can check out some more of their mission statement of sorts along with lots of other goodies (like a comprehensive discography) at their website.

The series obviously features some big names of 1990s indie rock (Superchunk, Nation of Ulysses for example) and some personal favorites of mine (Tsunami, Rodan). I like that Jenny & Kristin always thought about projects thoroughly, piecing them together in creative, cool ways (like the Working Holiday series). I'm really stoked to do a Simple Machines orgy and am excited to get to interview the two women who ran such an awesome label.

The Machines, 1990-1993 compilation
Get it from Dischord

Monday, March 16, 2009


So this is still in print, and you can definitely find it on other blogs, but I have been listening to Cro Magnon's "Groundline" & Buckets of Bile's "Caught It Still" on repeat recently.

XXperiments is an all-girl comp put out this past fall by Ohio-based label Die Stasi. I didn't get at first that the XX is an obvious references to the whole chromosome thing, thinking that it was just sort of a hip/weird spelling of experiments. Sometimes I don't give things like this a proper chance. We got the Zola Jesus 7" at the station (she's doing a big tour this summer btw), and I waited a while to listen to it. When I finally did, I loved it, but I still didn't listen to this comp when Christa brought it in a little while later. I tend to think I don't like this sort of weird not-quite-noise variety of hipness, but I'm glad I finally gave this comp a chance.

It was originally supposed to come with a pretty awesome zine Christa tells me (she heard from U.S. Girls). They all wrote pretend bios for each other, but the guy who runs the label said it was too girly (which seems weird since that's kind the whole point of the comp). Well, we all know I am into girly shit. Anyway, there's hardly any album art to go along with it as a result- weak.

As I mentioned before, the highlights for me are by far Cro Magnon & Buckets of Bile. Cro Magnon are from Lafayette, Indiana, and you can check its two members' solo work on XXperiments. Haley Fohr plays solo as Circuit des Yeux and Kate Leming as Bird. Buckets of Bile is just one girl from New York.

Buy it from Die Stasi

Friday, March 13, 2009

March 13, 2009 (PRDCT #6)

I promise I'll do a real post soon. I now have access to a USB turntable, so lots of vinyl ripping to be done. I'm gone for the weekend though. Got a giant package of 7"s from Fashionable Idiots today- so good.

Last Priest- "Answer and Questions" | Last Priest (LP, 2009) | 16OH
Bukkake Boys- "Mind Copulation" | Splendid Thoughts (7 Inch, 2008) | Vile Minds
Potatoe Justice- "Social Commotion" | split with Short Hate Temper (7 Inch, 1995) | Yucky Bus
Slices- "Coping Mechanism" | Slices (7 Inch, 2009) | 16OH (playlist)
No Talk- "Tighten the Noose" | Tighten the Noose (7 Inch, 2008) | AG82/Cutthroat/Death Exclamations/Psychowolf

Fresh Meat- "Bad Mask" | Leather Daddy (7 Inch, 2009) | Fashionable Idiots (playlist)
Black Kites- "Taking My Time" | Advancement to Ruins (LP, 2009) | Ride the Fury
Punch- "Nothing Left" | Eyeless (7 Inch, 2008) | 625 Thrash/Discos Huelgas
Ripshit- "I'm Not Unemployable, I'm Just Young and in Love" | split with Offsides" (7 Inch, 2008) | Spicy Soup Productions
Devola- "Disdain for the 2 am Broadcast" | The Resuscitation (7 Inch, 1999) | Gold Tooth/625 Thrash

Jake played two sets
Devoid of Faith- "Commodified Faith" | Devoid Of Faith (10 Inch) | Anomie
Stack- "Untitled" | No Desire to Continue Living | Farewell
Born Against- "This Trash Should've Been Free" | Battle Hymns for the Race War (10 Inch, 1993) | Vermiform
Health Hazard- "Looking for an Answer" | Health Hazard (10 Inch, 1994) | Flat Earth
The Swarm- "Blink" | Parasitic Skies | No Idea

Man Sized Action- "Claustrophobia" | Claustrophobia (1983) | Reflex
Memluks- "Therefore" | Partida (1982) | Stunt Baby
The Thinking Fellers Union Local 282- "Cold Cold Cold Ground" | Tangle (1989) | Thwart Productions
Silverfish- "Weird Stuff" | Silverfish (LP, 1989) | Wiija
Liimanarina- "Sam Kokin Satkynuket" | Supermarket (LP) | Drag City

Teenage Cool Kids- "Queer Salutations" | Queer Salutations (CD, 2008) | Protagonist
Tenement- "Ice Pick" | Ice Pick (7 Inch, 2009) | 608 Kisses
Real Numbers- "Radio World" | Radio World (7 Inch, 2008) | Three Dimensional
Tyvek- "Flashing Light" | Sidewalk (7 Inch, 2008) | M'Lady's
Banana Men- "Love Me" | The Crusher (7 Inch, 1965) | Big Beat

Wavves- "California Goth" | Wavves (LP, 2008) | Woodsist (playlist)
The Autocollants- "Butterscotch" | The Autocollants (7 Inch, 1996) | Drive-In
Curver- "Inside AM" | Inside AM b/w Make Star Shine (7 Inch, 1993) | Fire
Cyclops- "Light" | Light b/w Spolcyc (7 Inch, 1993) | New World of Sound
Buckets of Bile- "Caught It Still" | Xxperiments (LP, 2008) | Die Stasi (playlist)

Drain- "Flower Mound" | A Black Fist b/w Flower Mound (7 Inch, 1991) | Trance Syndicate
Food- "Oxbow" | Food (LP, 2009) | Molsok Records (playlist)
Manumission- "Binary Lung" | Binary Lung (7 Inch, 1995) | Ebullition
Herds- "Vultures" | Herds (7 Inch, 2008) | Fashionable Idiots (playlist)

Dylan Bredeau- "Tiny Feet" | split 7" w/ Ripshit (7 Inch, 2008) | Spicy Soup Productions (playlist)
Condominium- "Pupils" | Pupils (7 Inch, 2008) | Self-Released
Regulations- "Different Needs" | Different Needs (7 Inch, 2007) | Havoc
Self Destruct- "Not Your World" | Self Destruct (7 Inch, 2008) | Dead and Gone
Margaret Thrasher- "Raise the Bar" | Moderate Rock (LP, 2008) | P-Trash (playlist)

Life Partners- "AIDS of Spades" | AIDS of Spades (7 Inch, 2008) | Ride the Snake (playlist)
Lesbians on Ecstasy- "Revolt (Le Tigre remix)" | Giggles in the Dark (LP, 2005) | Alien8

Friday, March 6, 2009

March 6, 2009 (PRDCT #5)

Cat Party- "Jigsaw Thoughts" | Jigsaw Thoughts (7 Inch, 2008) | Rich Bitch
Male Bonding- "Pirate Key" | split with Pens (7 Inch, 2008) | Paradise Vendors
Epsilons- "A Night out with Jay" | split with Hips (7 Inch, 2007) | Ol Factory
Mass Hysteri- "Monotin Tid" | Mass Hysteri (7 Inch, 2008) | Feral Ward
Planned Communities- "Your Body Is a Thunderdome" | Demo (CD, 2009) | Self-Released (playlist)

Pimp Slap- "Mirate" | Pimp Slap (7 Inch) | Gitter Roar
Red Thread- "Double Speak" | s/t (7 Inch, 2008) | Shock to the System
Dylan Bredeau- "I'm Still Trying to Find Jupiter" | split with Rip Shit (7 Inch, 2008) | Spicy Soup Productions (playlist)
Johnny Vomit & the Dry Heaves- "Black September" | Chokin' on a Lude (7 Inch, 1995) | Goner Archives
Turboslut- "Dry" | Order of the Turboslut (CD, 2008) | Self-Released

Life Partners- "Teenager in Trouble" from "AIDS of Spades" (7 Inch, 2008) on Ride the Snake New
Coachwhips- "Extinguish Me" | Bangers Versus Fuckers (CD, 2004) | Narnack
Homostupids- "Under the Dog" | The Intern (LP, 2007) | Parts Unknown
God Is My Co-Pilot- "Grizzly Gizzard" | I Am Not This Body (CD, 1992) | The Making of Americans
Night Wounds- "Nothing Changes" | split with Mutators (7 Inch, 2008) | Badmaster (playlist)

Jake's set
AC Temple- "Yield" | Blowtorch (LP, 1988) | Further
Dolomite- "Puss 'n' Boots" | Of Angels (LP, 1993) | Fiasco
End Result- "Don't Sleep in the Subway" | Ward (LP, 1985) | LSR
Dustdevils- "Slope" | Struggling Electric Chemicals (LP, 1990) | Teen Beat/Matador
Ed Hall- "Wilbert" | Love Spoke Here (LP, 1990) | Boner

Cheeky- "Bad Mood" | Choke on a Cheeseburger (7 Inch, 2008) | Freedom School (playlist)
Kitty Cat Spy Club- "Girl Love" | Decoy X (7 Inch, 1995) | Radio Trash
The Casual Dots- "Bumblebee" | s/t (CD, 2004) | Kill Rock Stars
Barr- "Song Is the Single" | Song Is the Single (7 Inch, 2006) | Post Present Medium
Marked Men- "I Must Be Dead" | Ghosts (CD, 2009) | Dirtnap (playlist)

Queen Mab- "J Is for Jesus Christ" from "Queen Mab" (7 Inch, 1994) on Judgmentil
The Crabapples- "Quality (Not Quantity)" | Crabapples for Change (7 Inch, 2006) | Slumberland
Off With Their Heads- "Sleeping in Carrie's Car" | All Things Move Toward Their End (LP, 2007) | No Idea
Margaret Thrasher- "Dumb Until I Die" | Moderate Rock (LP, 2008) | P-Trash (playlist)
The Urinals- "Surfin' with the Shah" | 4 Track EP (7 Inch, 1978) | Happy Squid

Raccoo-oo-oon- "Mud Mound" | s/t (7 Inch, 2007) | Gilgongo
Velocity Girl- "I Don't Care if You Go" | I Don't Care if You Go (7 Inch, 1990) | Slumberland
Flake- "Deluca" | split with Henry's Dress (7 Inch, 1995) | Omnibus
Cub- "My Chinchilla" | Hot Dog Day (7 Inch, 1993) | Mint
Witches- "Young Ones" | Witches (7 Inch, 2008) | Salinas (playlist)

Rodan- "Milk & Melancholy" | How the Winter Was Passed (7 Inch, 1993) | Three Little Girls
Food- "March Fourth" | Food (LP, 2009) | Molsook (playlist)
Slices- "Desert March" | Slices (7 Inch, 2009) | 16OH (playlist)

Thursday, March 5, 2009

RECORD HOSPITAL FEST 2009 (and other business)

This Saturday, March 7
TURBOSLUT (queens of murky hardcore from DC, only Boston show ever)
RED THREAD (Boston hardcore ladies, last show)
at Guns of Brighton



BLACK CLOUDS (Providence)


Wednesday, April 22
SCREAMING FEMALES (shredding NJ pop punk)
+ 1 more TBA
at Gay Gardens in Allston