Saturday, November 1, 2008

Chugga Chugga

I feel like this blog has devolved to complete wimpyness lately, and I vowed to post something heavy soon. I have a couple coming up my sleeve, but without my computer, my being able to post them involves remembering to bring my hard drive with me when I go to the computer lab, so I've been going with some things I already have upped.

Anyway, this may up some recent levels of wimp... I didn't really know much about Chugga Chugga until Noa sent a request out over the cookiecutterYEAH email list. I stumbled upon some of their recordings and fell a little bit in love.

They were a duo (Katie & Jean) originally from Michigan who met in high school art class. They made their first CD in 2004 before they moved to the DC area (Maryland). Chugga Chugga broke up in 2006, but I think you can catch them now in Turboslut (a bit of a change of pace). It may be obvious they were in high school when they started and they may be dated by the fact that their main website was a livejournal.

Their self-titled 7" shows off their super cute pop songs. My favorite is "Xtian BFF." Pretty self-explanatory what it's about, but it always reminds me of this girl in third grade who was one of my best friends, who I didn't realize until high school that she's an Evangelical Christian.

Chugga Chugga- self-titled


Adam said...
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icoulddietomorrow said...

their shows were fun except when they shushed the crowd. that was just mean.