Thursday, November 29, 2007

November 28, 2007

I, Robot- The Answer
The No-Gos- 1,000,000 Ships
The Conversions- Basement Escapism (playlist)
Torches to Rome- s/t
Hinckley- Slakcer
Weekly (anti-) Love Songs!
Bratmobile- Love Thing
Kitty Cat Spy Club- Girl Love
Rites of Spring- For Want Of
Frumpies- Deliberate Indifference
The Sea Shepherds- What About Love?
Huggy Bear- Can't Kiss
Her Tears- Darling
Sentai- Age of Information (playlist)
Couch- Truckload of Boats
Ordination of Aaron- Battle of Tipeecanoe
Daitro- La Substance et la Matiere (playlist)
Human Greed- Greed
Portraits of Past- Implications of a Sinkhole Personality
Get Destroyed- Dirge (playlist)
Off Minor- This Is a Hostage Situation
My White Bread Mom- Fiz Tank
Mass Movement of the Moth- Ous We Are
Ampere- Abject Failure (playlist)
Damad- Slow Heal II
Inquisition- We Got a Bomb
Huasipungo- Estupida Ambicion
Cease Upon the Capitol- What Would the Heretics Say? (playlist)
Holocorn- E-Fix
Red Monkey- Cakey Pig
J Church- Trepanation Party (playlist)
Dead Friends- Newsies (playlist)
Hrvatski- Bad Raum

Friday, November 16, 2007

November 15, 2007

Ampere- Abject Failure (playlist)
Catena Collapse- Maze of Traits
Star Pimp- Richie
Autoclave- Vision
Jackwacker- This Is My Home
Ovo- Caren Dimonio
The Phantom Pregnancies- Heat Gun Summer
Sentai- Age of Information (playlist)
Man or Astro-Man?- Breathing Iron Oxide (request)
Mary Lou Lord- Some Jingle Jangle Morning
Weekly Love Songs!
Team Dresch- She's Amazing
Sissies- Valentine
The Blow- Parantheses
The Maybellines- I Hope You Like Me Too
Talulah Gosh- Steaming Train
Redwing Blackbird- Goldfinch (playlist)
Dogs of Ire- Give My People the Eraser
Solger- Raping Dead Nuns
The Red Scare- Epiphany Number Two
Daitro- La Substance et La Matiere (playlist)
Swing Heil!- So Spinned the Marionette
The Conversions- Basement Escapism (playlist)
Sink- Sad But True
Eurich- Papercut
Mercyland- Tough Ass Knives
Null- Telesma Sicut Dei
Evergreen- The Queen Song
Cease Upon the Capitol- What Would the Heretics Say? (playlist)
Enemy Soil- Nothing Answers

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Last night's show: October 31, 2007

Tiger Trap- Alien Space Song
Wookiee- Prove Me Wrong
The Need- Jacky the Ripper
Black Lips- O Katrina! (playlist)
The Devil Is Electric- Just Doing My Job
Clikatat Ikatowi- Identity Crisis
Mouthus- The Driftless (playlist)
Twelve Hour Turn- A Letter to My Uncle
The Death of Anna Karina- Love & Anti-Christ
Assfactor 4
Jihae played some songs, and I played a couple requests from Shirley including Abe Froman.
Weekly Love Songs!
Love Bandits- Theme Song
Po!- Tina
Monster Bobby- The Postcard (playlist)
Cuppa Joe- Young Smiley Boy
El Tiante- 15 Second Crush
Old Time Relijun- Indestructible Life! (playlist)
The Bats- Round & Down
Flux of Pink Indians- Very Funny
Life at These Speeds
In/Humanity- Operation Happy Meal
Magik Markers- Taste (playlist)
Mydolls- Nova Grows Up
Air Conditioning- Conclusions/Concussions (playlist)
Rizzo- Rental Raccoon

One week ago: October 24, 2007

Sexy Prison- Teen Wolfes Parte Like Whitney (Harg)
HRSTA- Saturn of Chagrin (playlist)
Swirlies- Bell
Industrial Teepee- Fascism
No Age- My Life's Alright Without You
The Yah-Mos- Fuck That
Dropdead- Life in Chains
Air Conditioning- Conclusions/Concussions (playlist)
Fat Worm of Error- La Mortdans La Ville Du Bois Vert
Erase Errata- Retreat! The Most Familiar
Weekly Love Songs!
Bangs- Fast Easy Love
Milky Wimpshake- My Heart Beats Faster Than Techno
Crayon- Cupid Says
The Bartlebees- You're Still Beautiful
Honeybunch- Candy Breath
Black Lips- I Saw a Ghost (Lean) (playlist)
Three Day Stubble- (It's OK to) Lose Your Cool
Die Monitr Bats- Weaponz
Dorothy- Softness
33.3- Joanne Will
Lois- The Trouble with Me
Monster Bobby- The Postcard (playlist)
The Rosehips- Bloodstained Fur
Velocity Girl- Always
Cub- Go Fish
Jonny Cohen- Bad Driver
Slogun- Always Numb

So this is my blog....

This is my blog- I'll tell you what I played on my show this week and hopefully give you some music as well. I have yet to figure out the details. Speaking of putting it all together, the Puzzle Pieces title is a reference to the Tiger Trap song off their self-titled LP. ("Puzzle Pieces")
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