Thursday, October 9, 2008

October 9, 2008

One of the turn tables is still broken...

Loser Life- I Want the World
Los Crudos-Levantate
Out Cold- Doomsday Guy
Waco Fuck- Stuck in the Past
Punch- Convenience Store
Stop It!!- Amen and Boys
Young Widows- Lucky and Hardheaded
In First Person- Shades of Gray
Off Minor- Everything Explicit
Yum Yum Tree- The Ballad of Jeb and Darla
Domestik Doktrin- Lower Class Blues (350 Years Reminiscent)
Finger Print- In Words
Timber- Ritual Curse
The Shakespeares in Love- Sonnet 36
The Cancer Kids- Let's Get Excited
Baby Guts- Tiny Cuts
Grabass Charlestons-Double Ding Dong King Kong Sing Song
God Is My Co-Pilot- Out in the Streets
Cat Party- Jigsaw Thoughts
Stereo Total- L'Amour a 3
Ringers- 1st Time Long Time
Off With Their Heads- Keep Falling Don
Career Suicide- Cherry Beach
Cloak/Dagger- Kamikazes
August Spie- PCD
Turboslut- Road Kill
George Moshington- 177 Fuck You
Harpoon Guns- Cannibal Eyes
Libyans- No Chances for an Orphan
Sentai- Age of Information
Vivian Girls- I Can't Stay
The Go Team- Treasure Hunt
The Spinanes- Hawaiian Baby
Holly Golightly- Virtually Happy
Hey Girl!- Teenage Retard
Constantine Sankathi- Husniyah
Waste Management- Strangled
Downcast- Schedule
Pissed Officers- Skate Punks Eat Shit
The Measure (SA)- Union Pool
Dear Landlord- High Fives
Talbot Tagora- Taking Out the Trash to You
Night Pleasure
The Two Funerals- Hit the Ground
Neon Nazis- Plastik City
Heroin- Indecision
Pygmy Lush- Asphalt
Des Ark- The Subtleties of Chores & Unlocked Doors
Second Story Window- Targeting Precision
... Who Calls So Loud
Acts of Sedition- The Trial
Jolt- Let It Go
Coachwhips- Extinguish Me
Meneguar- The In Hour

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