Friday, October 31, 2008

October 31, 2008

I didn't even realize it was Halloween starting this show otherwise I might have done something themed. Both turntables were working though, so my theme was quality air for the first time in a while.

Little Lungs- Loft Coffin
Queen Mab- J Is for Jesus Christ
The Bayonettes- We're Doomed
Life Partners- Ace of Spades
Mika Miko- Sex Jazz (extended)
Libyans- The Price We Pay
Bones Brigade- Never Meant Much
Former Members of Alfonsin- Devil's Vocabulary Test
Rabies- Zombies Ate My Neighbors
Red Thread- Double Speak
Wasted Time- I'm Surrounded by Winners
Rot Shit- Full Retarded
Nine Curve- Shoot Sign
Faithealer- Bound and Chained
Tragedy- Call to Arms
Trifle Tower- Criancas da Rua
Defeatist- White as Scars
Iron Lung- Future Corpse
Struggle- Culture
Turboslut- Dry
Fire Party- Jerk
P.S. Eliot- Entrendre
Witches With Dicks- How to Cook for 40 Humans
Vivian Girls- All the Time
New Bloods- Doubles
Autistic Youth- Smash and Kill
Torrington- Choke
Rosenbombs- Deficient
Coke Bust- Fumigation
Apeshit!- Hamster
Timber- Ritual Curse
Plunger- Swallowtale
Shorebirds- D.O.A.
Brain Handle- Oblivion Crud
Conversions- Basement Escapism
Flowers in the Attic- Ode to the Six Foot Hole
Econochrist- Passed On

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Before attempting to see DST & Sinaloa this evening with Christa & Jim and failing miserably, driving around the park for about an hour before giving up, Karen, Tammy, & I crashed a speaker event for our campus's anti-choice group. After the speech, there was a Q&A/discussion and adoption was brought up as an alternative to abortion. I brought up adoption by same-sex couples, and this old guy muttered something under his breath about gay people having "general neuroses." I was kind of in a state of shock, obvious just outraged/terrified that someone would still think this (it sounds exactly like the reading I was doing today talking about military views of homosexuality during WWII) today and also kind of just thinking it was hilarious. In the spirit of those goddamn neurotics...

If Mass Movement of the Moth became a two-piece, lost the synth, and exploded with a queer bomb, Ingrid would be the result.

The DC-based band is Ashley Arnwine (Des Ark, Mass Movement) on drums & Joey Doubek (Mass Movement Of The Moth, Danke, Bear And The Butterfly) on guitar, switching the roles they filled in their prior collaboration.

They're giving away the mp3s on their website, so I figured I'd zip it up all nice and send it out. Get the tape though for the best artwork I think I've seen all year. The covers were made out of old record sleeves and individually silkscreened. You can't tell from the scans, but the insides are screened a little bit too. Oh yeah, and the music is cool. It really does sound almost the same as Mass Movement.

Ingrid- Tryangle
Get it from Cosmic Debris


I just dropped my computer off with computer services because it won't turn on. Luckily for me and for puzzle pieces, all my music is on an external hard drive. I'm trying to keep up on all this shit, but things might be a bit shoddy for the next couple days.

And my whole plan to dress up as Sheri Lewis & Mr. Rogers with Charlie has failed, so if you've got any recommendations, give a shout.

Gentleman Jesse and His Men

Evan came to visit this weekend. He's been doing a great job with his weekly Walkie Talkies updates. One band that he's gotten me into lately is Gentleman Jesse and His Men.

Gentleman Jesse and His Men are a power pop band from Atlanta who have put out a 7" and an LP on Douchemaster Records. "Gentleman" Jesse (Smith) plays bass for the Carbonas but switches over to guitar for these efforts. The drummer, Dave Rahn, is also in the Carbonas and plays on Baby Shakes' The First One (the most recent Douchemaster release), which I also got when I ordered Gentleman Jesse and His Men- total bubblegum.

Their self-titled LP came out earlier this year after being recorded last December. Like related projects, it hearkens back to another era while staying fresh. It's impossible not to tap your foot and sing along to this shit.

Gentleman Jesse and His Men- self-titled
Get it from Douchemaster

Friday, October 24, 2008

P.S. Eliot

I originally started this blog to post my playlists, and this is the first week I'm not posting one. The right turntable is still broken, so I still can't do what I want, and I was in a really shitty mood last night and probably played a terrible show.

I love pop punk... obviously. I proclaim it regularly, own it, etc. I obviously love fuzzy girl punk as well. When the two intersect, well, you can imagine that I get quite excited.

P.S. Eliot are a four piece from Birmingham who put out a demo earlier this spring. After that, they did a mini Southern tour, to which one of the members (Katie) said:
"so we have a demo that we made in my basement last weekend. its got 5 songs, out of about 8 that we have written. some people might think that it's a little naive of us to tour on 8 songs and a shitty van and little experience/money/etc. but i consider it kind of necessary. we have the time and we have this sort of super-zealous, enthusiastic outlook on doing a lot with what we have right now, so why not?"

Maybe they'll translate that ambition again and come all the way up North? They're headed up to Philly right before New Year's, but it doesn't seem like an actual tour.

Seriously though, check them out. Fuzzy pop punk with clever rhymes.

P.S. Eliot- Bike Wreck Demo

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Sadie Benning

Anyone who actually knows me has probably listened to me complain for the past two weeks about the presentation I have to for on feminist art today for my hist & lit tutorial. Despite all my whining about all of the feminist art I hate, I really like Sadie Benning. She used to be in Le Tigre, but way before that, she was making videos on her Fischer-Price Pixelvision camera. This one's called "Me and Rubyfruit." She made it in 1989 at age 16. I liked "Girl Power" a lot too, but that one was on a tape in one of our libraries, so I don't know how to put it up. This is my first time putting on a video, so hopefully it'll work.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Dig Me Out

Friday and Saturday were completely weird days. I spent my entire Friday listening to Des Ark and then decided on Saturday that I needed something a bit emotional enough but also kind of upbeat. Corin Tucker's voice has always resonated with me, and I found just was I was looking for in Sleater-Kinney's Dig Me Out.

I kept dragging the needle back on "One More Hour," which always slays me. The song was written by Corin and Carrie Brownstein about their break-up. Dig Me Out is their third album and came out in 1997.

A past interview in Give Me Back with sound engineers pointed out that Sleater-Kinney used a different engineer on each of their albums- I think you can always notice their different textures.

Sleater-Kinney- Dig Me Out
Get It from Kill Rock Stars

Sunday, October 19, 2008

A few housekeeping things

Boring post alert. If anyone's been going to this site through the address, the real one is It's easier to use the shorter one when on air (plus Milli would always make fun of me for announcing the latter). I always use the blogspot address, but I use the .tk one the other day and realized it makes things look really squished and ugly. Also, you can subscribe to the blogspot one.

More exciting news is that I'm going to start contributing to icoulddietomorrow. So look for me there too. The link is always on the side.

Also, look for Eunuch this Friday live on the Record Hospital.

October 17, 2008

Sharp Knife- The Unbearable Lightness
Embassy- Beyond Bridges
Turboslut- Dry
Cardiac Arrest- Fool Me Once
The Freeze- This Is Boston, Not LA
Timber- Beginning
Asthma Attaq- You'll Need a Shoehorn
Life At These Speeds- Younger Monkey
Antlers- White Fur
Des Ark- The Subtleties of Chores & Unlocked Doors
Get Killed- Use That Razor for Your Wrist
Antischism- The Web (of War)
Punch- Semantically Challenged
Lack- Zur Genealogue des Modernen Menschen
Off Minor- To an Ex
Vivian Girls- Where Do You Run To?
Om- (Version)
Tsunami- Water's Edge
Twin- White Eyes
Mass Movement of the Moth- Riddle Me 666
J Church- Bomb
***Shirley helping out***
Misfits- Hybrid Moments
Gang of Four- Damaged Goods
Schneider TM- The Light 3000
***end Shirley***
Life Partners- Ace of Spades
Bratmobile- Love Thing
Cheeky- Deal with It
Baby Guts- Shark Teeth
The Raincoats- Lola (Shirley again)
Silver Daggers- We Didn't Pay
Frustrations- Evil Twin
Sissies- Stand Up
Tranzmitors- Teenage Tragedy
Pink & Brown- I'm Tired He's Dead
Blotto- Hunchbacked Cat
Tracy + the Plastics- Hey Rubella
Hey Girl!- Always Be My Baby
Gentlemen Jesse & His Men- Attention
Heavenly- Cool Guitar Boy
Screeching Weasel- She's Giving Me the Creeps
Human Mess- Uncaged Animal
Navio Forge- A Hole Into
Walls- Calming Down
Funeral Diner- The Wicked
Libyans- I'm Done
Pocahaunted- The Weight

Friday, October 17, 2008

Milli + Meneguar

I'm in a very weird hangover-y disconnect mood right now, and Des Ark is my oxygen. Late nights with Shirley and Jim and probably not the best plan the night before a big 21st. Today is Milli's 21st birthday, so this post is for her.

Things that start with M include one of her favorite bands- Brooklyn-based Meneguar. They don't really need much of an introduction at this point... see also Woods (Family Creeps), Woodsist, etc.

I Was Born at Night was their first album, released in 2005 on Magic Bullett and in 2006 on Troubleman Unlimited. Part power pop, part indie rock, all fun. I cannot write right now... maybe I'll do this more later. I will actually post album art later. My computer is failing me, and I am failing at life at present.

The TMU artwork perched on my failing computer before I cleaned by room/desk.

Meneguar- I Was Born at Night

Monday, October 13, 2008

More Vivian Girls

I just got my absentee ballot in the mail today. I'm sure you've heard how important it is to vote in this election, so I'm not going to go on too much about it. If you're voting in California like I am, be sure to watch out for Propositions 4 & 8. Prop 4 is parental notifcation for abortions for minors, and Prop 8 is attempting to reverse the court's discussing regarding same-sex marriage. Voting NO on both of them is really important (votes against parental notifcation and against a ban on gay marriage).


I'm attempting to put together a last minute show for Little Lungs this coming Sunday. They're really awesome pop punk from New York/New Jersey, and if you can help out in any way (venue-wise or band-wise), it would be greatly appreciated.


On Saturday night, KJ & I took some of the compers and met up with Christa & Jim at the Life Partners 7" release show. It ended up getting shut down, and everyone but Life Partners got to play. We only saw Eunuch (Boston's only all-female, interracial power violence band featuring members of Libyans, Red Thread, & General Interest) because we went down to get Chinese food and got locked out and came back up to a bunch of cops outside the locked door.

After interviewing Fucked Up with Dan yesterday (I'll post that soon), I went to see their show with Vivian Girls with Mary, Izzy, & Meg. We didn't end up staying for Fucked Up, but I heard their set was good from Christa & Dan.

Vivian Girls played a solid set, and I now have the biggest crush on Kickball Katy.

They're coming again in November, and we'll hopefully have them in for a set/interview then.

They were selling a CD-R of a live set on WFMU which I picked up. It's mostly songs they've recorded before with a few that are unreleased otherwise. Even though it's live, it sounds almost the same as their other recordings. Definitely pick it up if you can though I doubt it'll last through the tour (only 150 made), and be sure to see them if they make their way to your town.

The reissue of their self-titled LP is now available from In the Red if you missed it the first time around. They've got a bunch with them on tour too.

Vivian Girls- Live on WFMU

Friday, October 10, 2008

P'Haunt + the Go Team

I just got my new Pocahaunted record in the mail from Teardrops. They continue to deliver as usual. Get it from Teardrops or Not Not Fun. Any time you describe something as "post-rocky grooves, shoegaze drama, drugged funk, and Fleetwood Mac," I'm sold.


The Go Team were a super group of Pacific Northwesterners before they were stars. They started in 1985 in Olympia and were done by '89 but managed to release a couple cassettes, a nine month series of singles, and tour the East Coast.

Calvin Johnson was already making waves with Beat Happening and K Records. The other main player was Tobi Vail, who would soon write about angry grrrls and play in Bikini Kill. The rest of their rotating crew included Billy Karen (who also went on to Bikini Kill), Lois, Donna Dresch, and Kurt (credited as 'Kurdt' on the July single) Cobain (who was swooning over Tobi at the time).

The Go Team released Archer Come Sparrow as a cassette in 1989 (I think on K). It's nice outside, and I don't really feel like writing more about this right now, but good pop. I'll probably post something heavy soon to balance things out.

The Go Team- Archer Come Sparrow

Thursday, October 9, 2008

October 9, 2008

One of the turn tables is still broken...

Loser Life- I Want the World
Los Crudos-Levantate
Out Cold- Doomsday Guy
Waco Fuck- Stuck in the Past
Punch- Convenience Store
Stop It!!- Amen and Boys
Young Widows- Lucky and Hardheaded
In First Person- Shades of Gray
Off Minor- Everything Explicit
Yum Yum Tree- The Ballad of Jeb and Darla
Domestik Doktrin- Lower Class Blues (350 Years Reminiscent)
Finger Print- In Words
Timber- Ritual Curse
The Shakespeares in Love- Sonnet 36
The Cancer Kids- Let's Get Excited
Baby Guts- Tiny Cuts
Grabass Charlestons-Double Ding Dong King Kong Sing Song
God Is My Co-Pilot- Out in the Streets
Cat Party- Jigsaw Thoughts
Stereo Total- L'Amour a 3
Ringers- 1st Time Long Time
Off With Their Heads- Keep Falling Don
Career Suicide- Cherry Beach
Cloak/Dagger- Kamikazes
August Spie- PCD
Turboslut- Road Kill
George Moshington- 177 Fuck You
Harpoon Guns- Cannibal Eyes
Libyans- No Chances for an Orphan
Sentai- Age of Information
Vivian Girls- I Can't Stay
The Go Team- Treasure Hunt
The Spinanes- Hawaiian Baby
Holly Golightly- Virtually Happy
Hey Girl!- Teenage Retard
Constantine Sankathi- Husniyah
Waste Management- Strangled
Downcast- Schedule
Pissed Officers- Skate Punks Eat Shit
The Measure (SA)- Union Pool
Dear Landlord- High Fives
Talbot Tagora- Taking Out the Trash to You
Night Pleasure
The Two Funerals- Hit the Ground
Neon Nazis- Plastik City
Heroin- Indecision
Pygmy Lush- Asphalt
Des Ark- The Subtleties of Chores & Unlocked Doors
Second Story Window- Targeting Precision
... Who Calls So Loud
Acts of Sedition- The Trial
Jolt- Let It Go
Coachwhips- Extinguish Me
Meneguar- The In Hour

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Bikini Kill

Hooray for women's spaces, and thanks to some really awesome girls for putting this together!

In that spirit... here's a classic.

Bikini Kill- Revolution Grrrl Style Now (demo)

Friday, October 3, 2008

Dolly Mixture

I'm feeling kind of disillusioned with a lot of things musically related right now. At first it was a couple assholes complaining about the amount of kids at the noise show we put on... these kids are putting on your show, so shut your fucking mouth. While I definitely would still consider myself a kid, these people were complaining that everyone was "like twelve." Again, STFU. Then a couple nights ago I went to see Closet Fairies with Christa. It was in their practice space, which had all of this broken glass and shit lying around. People kept smashing things, and I got hit by a bottle someone threw. The show was supposed to start at 9, so I sort of expected it to start at 10. The first band went on around 11:30. They were ok but nothing special, and we had to leave right after that to catch the subway (last train leaves around 12:15). Apparently the Closet Fairies didn't even play and now maybe broke up? Unclear. The show supposedly got shut down, ambulances involved or something. I'm not really surprised as everyone there was being really fucking stupid. The other thing is that the turn tables at the station still are not functioning entirely properly. Basically, I can't play the kind of show I really want to... I also now have to do two and a half hours rather than two plus no more Alex.
Ok, rant over. Onto sunnier things.

At the Fenway practice space


I was listening to Dolly Mixture a couple days ago and was thinking about writing my WGS paper for the semester on interpretations of girl groups throughout the decades. I think I'm going to do something on teen magazines (drawing inspiration from How Sassy Changed My Life) in the '50s instead as the whole girl group thing really falls a bit later, but they're probably my favorite from the late '70s/early '80s nonetheless.

Dolly Mixture gained fame partly as the girlfriends of the Damned. When Captain Sensible went solo, they served as his backing band and played with him on top of the pops or whatever that English show is called. Aside from this though, they put out some really great records on their own.

Their name comes from a Scottish confection and was indicative of their attitude. They were twee before it was trendy or played out, preferring knitted cardigans to their boyfriends leather.

Demonstration Tapes was originally released as a double LP in 1984 on the group's own label, Dead Good Dollys Platters. It combined recordings from 1979 to 1983. It was later rereleased as a CD.

Dolly Mixture lie somewhere on the spectrum between the Shangri-Las and Talulah Gosh, nearer to their fellow Brits. They sped up pop, taking that punk influence on the classic girl group sound. They harkened back to old times with songs like "Will He Kiss Me Tonight?" and brought some serious sass with ones like "How Come You're Such a Hit with the Boys, Jane?"

Dolly Mixture- Demonstration Tapes


I'm working on figuring out how to record from my turn table to my computer. Right now I can record it, but it sounds really fuzzy, horrible, and quiet. Hopefully I'll have time to work on it this weekend or get someone to help me or something.

October 3, 2008

Libyans- I'm Done
Curll- Woolen Soldier
16- Door Prize
Elder- Golden Flower
Concrete Facelift- Wasted Again
Shank- Witch Hunts Work
Ninja Death Squad- Disciples of the 36th Chamber
Anti You- Breaker of the Oath
The Stakeout- No Way Out
Threatener- Antlers in the Throat
Dynamite Arrows- Quality of Life
The Fall- Leave the Capitol (request)
Violent Society- I Wanna Know
Fun Bug- Seventeen
The Measure (SA)- Portland
Unnatural Helpers- Dirty, Dumb, & Comical
Milemarker- Sex Jam Two: Insect Insest
Vivian Girls- I Can't Stay
Dolly Mixture- How Come You're Such a Hit with the Boys, Jane?
The Automaticans- Audrey
Dahlia Seed- Milk
Nitwits- Captain America
Crimpshrine- Rearranged
Blotto- Hunchbacked Cat
Dub Narcotic Sound System- Industrial Breakdown
Girls at Our Best- Pleasure
The Sonora Pine- Cloister
Off Minor- To an Ex
Anomie- Avorter N'est Pas Tuer
Danse Macabre- Ein Leiser Tod
China Pig- Christened by a Dead Cat
...Who Calls So Loud
Noothgrush- Useless
Sex Vid- Cleansing
Guyana Punch Line- Cracked
Deathreat- Elementary Course in Prison Economics
Turboslut- Too Little Too Late
Kolya- Idiatrod
Cinemechanica- Brain Tarp
Thumbnail- Sore Throat
The Shakespeares in Love- Sonnet 18
Pygmy Lush- Hard to Swallow
Off With Their Heads- Wrong
Hey Girl!- Always Be My Baby
The King Cobra- March on Pompeii
Rager- Pimpin' Ain't Easy
Brainbombs- Slayer
Tubers- Coconut Thunder
Maximillian Colby- Sifelaver