Monday, August 24, 2009


A couple months back now (I guess, my concept of time has gone out the window, and I can't believe I'm moving again in two days), I got a triple dose of records from Life's a Rape: the Cult Ritual Holidays 7", the new Loser Life LP, and the OK? 7". The Cult Ritual 7"? A dud. The Loser Life LP? Solid as usual. The OK? 7"? The best of the bunch-- an awesome catchy surprise of catchy anarcho-punk.

I don't really know a whole lot about OK?. They're from San Diego. I believe the singer has a love connection to Crime Desire/the guy who runs this label (scene gossip oooh). This is their first release. They haven't played too many shows so far. Mostly I know you should check out this record.

I should have access to a scanner again in a week or so, but for now, my awesome photo booth pictures will live on.

According to the liner notes, the A-side, "Earthseed," "is a passive call to arms, an observational description of the modern age and a speculation of that following; it is a record of a species living in denial or arrogance-- but not for long." The flip side "Duress," "is about marketing and about being force-fed nonsense. It describes the feeling of living in a culture that constantly bombards you with advertising, and the agenda these ads perpetuate."

To quote a certain message board poster, "Punk needs more bands like this."

To order this paypal $5.50 to colinrrmf [at] yahoo [dot] com.

For now...

OK?- Everything Is Going to Be 7"

Thursday, August 20, 2009

August 19, 2009 (PRDCT #23 with Angela)

Angela came in for the final week of guest djing to shake things up a little bit. Download the show here.

Monna Bell y Aldemaro Romero- "Que Bonita Es Mi Tierra" | La Onda Nueva en Mexico (LP, 2007) | Vampi Soul
Los Buenos- "Groovy Woovy" | Groovy Woovy (LP, 2003) | Wah Wah
Stelvio Cipriani- "Femina Ridens" | Femina Ridens Soundstrack (LP, 2008) | Vadim
Brenda Lee- "Dum Dum" from "Dum Dum b/w Eventually" (7Inch, 1960) | Decca
Antoine Rencontre Les Problemes- "Je Ne Vois Rien" | Antoine Rencontre Les Problemes (LP, 2008) | Dandelion

Los Holy's- "Melodia Encantada" | Sueno Sicodelico (10Inch, 2003) | Electro Harmonix
The Spits- "Rip up the Streets" | The Spits (CD, 2009) | Recess (playlist)
Big Boy Groves- "Bucket O' Blood" | Mello Jello (LP, 2009) | Mello Jello
Jean Constantin- "Hey Jackie" | Le Boogie Twist Madison (LP, 1964) | Disques Vogue
Kayanji and Anandji- "Dance Music from Commander" | Dance Music from Commander (CD, 1973) | Odeon
Ivor Slaney- "Orgasmic Stripper" | Terror (LP, 2009) | MVM

Closet Fairies- "Painted in a Corner" | Upcoming LP (CD, 2009) | No Idea (playlist)
Television Personalities- "Silly Girl" | And Don't the Kids Just Love It (LP, 1978) | Fire
The Realtors- "Guilt by Association" | Buy or Beware (7Inch, 1979) | Realty
Fongus- "La Reina del Rock & Roll" | unreleased
Reports- "Attleboro Trailers" | Bill Wyman Detector Metal (7Inch, 2009) | Ride the Snake (playlist)
Lord Cobra and Pana-Afro Sounds- "Rocombey" | Panama (LP, 2006) | Soundway
The Bagdads- "Green Power" | Double Shot of Soul (CD, 2004) | Ace/Kent Soul

La Nina de los Peines- "Saeta Pilatos por no Dejar" | String of Pearls (LP, 2009) | Mississippi
Kooky Monster- "Loadstar II" | Loadstar II (7Inch, 1996) | Sorted
Vladimir Ussachevsky- "Piece for Tape Recorder" | Early Modulations Vintage Volts (CD, 1999) | Caipirinha
Liquorball- "Part I" | Evolutionary Squalor (LP, 2009) | Rocketship
Russian Tsarlag- "The Master's Speech" | split with Lesson Lesson Lessen Relearn (7Inch, 2009) | West Palm Beotch (playlist)

Mama Bare- "Untitled" | The Island (LP, 2009) | Male Bonding
Exusamwa- "9-Fingered Man" | Please Allow Me to Induce Myself (CD, 2009) | Self-Released (playlist)
Robert Beatty- "Cactus Club" | Solos (LP, 2009) | What The

Woods- "To Clean" | Songs of Shame (CD, 2009) | Shrimper/Woodsist (playlist)
Elder Charles Beck- "I Never Will Turn Back" | Complete Recordings in Chronological Order (LP, 1975) | Document
Joann Kelly- "Hard Time Killing Floor Blues" | Joann Kelly (LP, 1972) | Blue Goose
Mulatu Astatke- "Yekatit" | Ethiopiques 04 - Ethio Jazz & Musique Instrumentale 1969-1974 (LP, 1970) | L'Arome
P.S. Eliot- "Like How You Are" |Introverted Romance in Our Troubled Minds (LP, 2009) | Salinas (playlist)

Mickey Baker- "Autumn Leaves" | The Wildest Guitar (LP, 1959) | Atlantic
Ustad Amir Khan- "Tori Jai Jai Kartar" | Baiju Bawra (LP, 1975) | Odeon
Hell-Kite- "Cabin" | I Am Your Cabin, Live in Me (7Inch, 2009) | Gilgongo Records (playlist)

Thursday, August 13, 2009

August 12, 2009 (PRDCT #22 with Melissa and Dan)

Awesome show tonight with Dan & Melissa. Melissa packed in the riot grrrls while Dan brought the punx and tolerated our little dance party to Skinned Teen. Dan started things off with his brother's old band. I had time to pack in a couple Foreign Objects songs, and we got to hear Melissa's first band, And I Can't Wait, too. I mentioned my recent acquisition to Melissa, so we continued that celebration--she said she hadn't listen to it in a long time, but still knew all the words. If you download the show there'll be a little weird pause static thing because I had to run an emergency test something-or-other. Also, for some reason we just didn't announce very often. I think Angela will be in next Wednesday for my last week of guest DJs/summer air. Anyway, download the show for this week here.

Jake the Dog- "Jenny" | Jake the Dog (CD, 2001) | Going Forwards
Slant 6- "Time Expired" Soda Pop Rip Off (LP, 1994) | Dischord
Witches- "Young Ones" | Witches (7Inch, 2008) | Salinas
Minutemen- "Black Sheep" | Joy (7Inch, 1981) | New Alliance
Team Dresch- "Hand Grenade" | Hand Grenade (7Inch, 1994) | Kill Rock Stars

Dead Uncles- "Wholesome Sleep Deprivation" | Cut Down to Sighs (7Inch, 2009) | Self-Released (playlist)
Screeching Weasel- "Hanging Around" | Wiggle (LP, 1992) | Lookout
Abe Froman- "What's Your New Address?" | Baltimore Is Scum (7Inch, 2001) | Self-Released
Blotto- "Hunchbacked Cat" | split with Ringers (7Inch, 2008) | Snuffy Smiles
The Queers- "I Met Her at the Rat" | The Queers Grow Up (LP, 1990) | Lookout
And I Can't Wait- "The Public Execution" | split with Bob Barker Youth (LP, 2001) |† Self-Released
Punch- "Don't Start" | Punch (LP, 2009) | 625 Thrash/Discos Huelgas (playlist)

Like Rats- "All Truth" | Like Rats (7Inch, 2009) | Self-Released
The Bayonettes- "Dead End Kids" | Art of the Underground 7" Series (7Inch, 2007) | Art of the Underground
P.S. Eliot- "Incoherent Love Songs" | Introverted Romance in Our Troubled Minds (LP, 2009) | Salinas (playlist)
The Gits- "Another Shot of Whiskey" | Frenching the Bully (CD, 1992) | C/Z (request)
Huggy Bear- "February 14" | Our Troubled Youth (LP, 1992) | Kill Rock Stars (request)
Skinned Teen- "Pillowcase Kisser" | Bazooka Smooth! (LP, 1995) | Lookout
Air Fix Kits- "Flex Time" | Demo" (CD, 2008) | Self-Released
Heavens to Betsy- "Me & Her" | These Monsters Are Real (7Inch, 1992) | Kill Rock Stars
Velocity Girl- "I Don't Care if You Go" | I Don't Care if You Go (7Inch, 1990) | Slumberland
Bomber- "Lying Dogs" | Mourning (7Inch, 2009) | Cowabunga/On-High (playlist)
Frumpies- "Weird Machine" | Weird Machine (7Inch, 1993) | Kill Rock Stars
General Interest- "Capricious Youth" | Right by the Beach (12Inch, 2009) | Ride the Snake (playlist)
Green Day- "Going to Pasalacqua" | 39/Smooth (LP, 1990) | Lookout
Football, Etc.- "First Down" | First Down (CD, 2009) | Self-Released (playlist)
Rainer Maria- "Thought I Was" | A Better Version of Me (CD, 2001) | Polyvinyl

Reagan Youth- "(Are You) Happy?" | Vol. 1 (LP, 1990) | New Red Archives
Deep Sleep- "Curbside Breakdown" | Three Things at Once (CD, 2009) | Grave Mistake (playlist)
Gaunt- "Good Bad Happy Sad" | Good Bad Happy Sad (7Inch, 1993) | Bag of Hammers
Sleater-Kinney- "Don't Think You Wanna" | Sleater-Kinney (CD, 1995) | Chainsaw
The Diamond Sea- "Slow Signal" | Slow Signal (10Inch, 2009) | Yellow Ghost (playlist)
Adickdid- "Mailbox" | Dismantle (LP, 1992) | G
The Go Team- "Three Ways to Sunday" | June (7Inch, 1989) | K

Complaints- "Tired of Living" | Complaints (7Inch, 2009) | Youth Attack (playlist)
Kaia- "Sixteen" | Kaia (CD, 1996) | Chainsaw/Candy Ass
Hop Along- "Bride and Groom" | Wretches (10Inch, 2009) | Salinas
X- "Poor Girl" | More Fun in the New World (LP, 1983) | Elektra
Randoms- "Let's Get Rid of New York" | Dangerhouse Volume One (LP, 1991) | Frontier
Weirdos- "Solitary Confinement" | Dangerhouse Volume One (LP, 1991) | Frontier
Foreign Objects- "Leave Me" | Foreign Objects (7Inch, 2009) | Loud Punk/Shock to the System (playlist)
Foreign Objects- "Fixed Failure" | Foreign Objects (7Inch, 2009) | Loud Punk/Shock to the System (playlist)
Julie Ruin- "Punk Singer" | Julie Ruin (CD, 1998) | Kill Rock Stars
(brief pause for the emergency systems broadcast)
Angelic Upstarts- "Kids on the Streets" | Bootlegs and Rarities (LP, 1985) | Dojo
Logic Problem- "Sarcophagus" | City Center (7Inch, 2009) | Grave Mistake (playlist)
Dead Dog- "Worth It" | Dead Dog (12Inch, 2008) | Mauled by Tigers

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Last week's show

Here's the show from last week with Dan & Nick.


My favorite 7" of all time is now in my possession.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

August 5, 2009 (PRDCT #21 with Dan & Nick)

This was one of my favorite weeks so far this summer. Hopefully you can see DST play this Friday with Delay since I can't make it. Big thanks to Dan, Nick, & all of our visitors throughout the evening. I don't have time to up the show right now because I'm headed down south, but I will do so some time after Monday. Update: here's a download.

Tussin- "Haunts" | Demo (CD, 2009) | Self-Released
White Lung- "Magazines" | Magazines (7Inch, 2008) | Deranged
Teenage Cool Kids- "Speaking in Tongues" | Foreign Lands (LP, 2009) | Protagonist
Chris Bell- "I Got Kinda Lost" | I Am the Cosmos (LP, 1992) | 4 Men with Beards
P.S. Eliot- "The Cyborg" | Introverted Romance in Our Troubled Minds (LP, 2009) | Salinas (playlist)

Little Lungs- "Dreary" | Hoist Me Up! (7Inch, 2008) | Salinas
Brain Handle- "Smiling" | Smiling (7 Inch, 2008) | Iron Lung
The Men- "Ailment" | We Are the Men (LP, 2009) | Self-Released (playlist)
The Repos- "Ripped and Glued" | Hearts and Heads Explode (LP, 2007) | Youth Attack
The Fall- "Pro Art Threat" | Palace of Swords Reversed (LP, 1987) | Rough Trade

Hygiene- "T.V. Girl" | Hygiene (7Inch, 2009) | Dire
Sinaloa- "Can You Still See Me Through Your Rose-Colored Glasses?" | Fathers and Sons (LP, 2003) | Word Salad
Wipers- "Messenger" | Over the Edge (LP, 1983) | Trap/Brain Eater
The Diamond Sea- "Heavy Skies" | Slow Signal (10Inch, 2009) | Yellow Ghost (playlist)

The Big Big Bucks- "Summer Bummer" | Crucial Schmooze (LP, 2009) | Self-Released
Dogmatics- "Thayer St." | Everybody Does It (LP, 1985) | Homestead
Cat Party "Jigsaw Thoughts" | Jigsaw Thoughts (7Inch, 2008) | Rich Bitch
Kajun SS- "Know Your Place" | Kajun Place (12Inch, 2006) | Die Slaughterhaus/Therapeutic/Jeth-Row

Bone Awl- "Head of Silence" | Meaningless Leaningless (LP, 2007) | Nuclear War Now!
Drunkdriver- "It Never Happened" | Fire Sale (7Inch, 2009) | Fashionable Idiots (playlist)
La Piovra- "L'Ultima Sigaretta" | La Piovra (LP, 2005) | Youth Attack
Condominium- "Barricade" | Barricade b/w Big Plans (7Inch, 2009) | Fashionable Idiots (playlist)
Reigning Sound- "If I Can't Come Back" | Love and Curses (LP, 2009) | In the Red

The Carbonas- "Journey to the End" | The Carbonas (LP, 2007) | Goner
Usch- "Hatalen" | Bloodstains Across Sweden (LP, 1997) | Salming Sounds
Teenage Fan Club- "What You Do to Me" | The Concept (12Inch, 1991) | Creation
Woods- "Be Still" | At Rear House (LP, 2006) | Troubleman Unlimited
Tideland- "Graveyard Song" | split with Pizza (7Inch, 2009) | Cosmic Debris (playlist)

Arthur Russel- "I Forget and I Can't Tell (Ballad of the Lights Pt. 1)" | Love Is Overtaking Me (LP, 2008) | Audika/Rough Trade
Steve Broadsky- "Gap Girl" | Ole Sunday (LP, 2001) | Magic Bullet
Wwax- "Seven" | Like It or Not (7Inch, 1990) | Merge
Big Dipper- "When Men Were Trains" | Heavens (LP, 1987) | Homestead
Blatz- "Berkeley Is My Baby (And I Wanna Kill It)" | The Shit Split" (LP, 1990) | Lookout
Eddy Current Suppression Ring- "Sunday's Coming" | Primary Colors (LP, 2008) | Goner

Rodan- "Milk & Melancholy" | How the Winter Was Passed (7Inch, 1993) | Three Little Girls
Helms- "Satin Rules" | Secret Doors (LP, 2006) | History Major
Death to Tyrants- "Sparrow Night" | split with Dogs of Ire (10Inch, 2004) | Ethospine Noise
Timber- "Beginning" | Timber (7Inch, 2008) | Something Crucial
Daniel Striped Tiger- "An Errand to Run" | split with Sinaloa (7Inch, 2008) | Narshardaa/Clean Plate

Mean Jeans- "Bogus Memories" | License 2 Chill (7Inch, 2008) | Dirtnap
Screeching Weasel- "Supermarket Fantasy" | Boogadaboogadaboogada (LP, 1988) | Lookout
Oblivians- "Bad Man" | Popular Favorites (LP, 1996) | Crypt
RVIVR- "Can't Stand It" | Life Moves (7Inch, 2009) | Rumbletowne (playlist)
Closet Fairies- "Popular Science" | Upcoming LP (CD-R, 2009) | No Idea (playlist)
Gentleman Jesse & His Men- "You Don't Have To (If You Don't Want To)" | Gentleman Jesse & His Men (LP, 2008) | Douchemaster

Melvins- "Boris" | Bullhead (LP, 1991) | Boner

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Early warning: Teenage Cool Kids, Failures, DST, & Dead Dog on September 19

Help kick off the Record Hospital's 25th anniversary...

Saturday, September 19 at 7 pm

TEENAGE COOL KIDS (Built to Spill meets Meneguar indie rock, from Denton, TX)
DEAD DOG (wimpy pop punk, from Athens, GA)

at the Advocate
21 South Street
Harvard Square

all ages - no booze
suggested donation $8

email rhshows@gmail if you have questions or whatever

In the meantime, you can get hyped for this show by listening to some Dead Dog.

For those unfamiliar, they are from Georgia via Brooklyn or Jersey or something. Mostly I know Angie & Josh both drummed in this band at separate points. Their 12" was put out last year on Mauled by Tigers and was just repressed, so go order it! Here's a few songs to tide you over- "Swallow It," "Hate Song" (Daniel Johnston cover), & "Partners in Crime."

Dead Dog- 3 songs

Monday, August 3, 2009

No-Wave Double Post: Bound & Gagged and Nervous Gender + PRDCT #11 revisited

I don't really often hype other blogs, but recently, I can't get enough of Kamikaze Tailspin.

I got a request/realized I had never upped the whole show with Screaming Females (back from April) so here it is: Screaming Females guest DJ/interview on the Record Hospital. In case you need a refresher, here's the playlist from PRDCT #11. I'm listening to it over again, and it's surprisingly competent considering I had just broken my edge & Steve gave me a 40 at the show. I'm also getting more used to listening to myself speak.

There's a bunch of things to look forward... I think right now I'm most excited to see Dead Uncles & Dylan Bredeau next Tuesday with Foreign Objects and the Waifs (aka Waifffs, new Boston band with members of Libyans, General Interest, Closet Fairies, blah blah blah).

Other than that, I'll be heading down to New York in a few weeks for a visit. I'll definitely be checking out the Big She-Bang IV on Saturday, August 15, put on by For the Birds this year. In addition to a bunch of awesome workshops, Little Lungs, Zombie Dogs, Ina! Ina! (whom I missed at the Dyke March benefit/Carnal Knowledge reunion show), Kate Ferencz, Inertia, & Full of Fancy will be playing.

The weekend after, I'll be heading down to Richmond for Best Friends Day with a car full of punks. I'm excited (I'd even venture to say beyond excited) to see Pink Razors and hang out with some BFFs.

OK... enough rambling. I get easily distracted.


I don't listen to a whole lot of no-wave, but since Chris played some Bound & Gagged on my show a few weeks ago, I've been listening to that & Nervous Gender pretty consistently. I often kind of view this kind of stuff as a novelty, but I've been enjoying these.

I'm not going to pretend I know a vast history of either of these bands. Instead, I'll give you a little bit and direct you to other places that are more comprehensive.

Bound & Gagged were an all-girl no-wave band from Boston. There's a myspace for them here that has a little bit more info.

Nervous Gender took its name because of Phranc's androgyny. I mostly know Phranc because of the Team Dresch song "Uncle Phranc." I might be a bit of a n00b, but I'll use the fact that I was negative ten years old when this band formed as an excuse. There's a pretty good wiki page for them, and you can check out the band's website for some cool fliers & things.

I'm upping the Bound & Gagged 12" and Nervous Gender's side of their split LP with Beelzebub Youth called Music from Hell.

Bound & Gagged- s/t 12" EP
Nervous Gender- their side of the Music from Hell LP