Friday, February 29, 2008

Februrary 28, 2008: Impromtu Thursday Night, filling in

Bread and Circuits- White Man
Spitboy- Sexism Impressed
Socialcide- Zoned Out (playlist)
J Church- November
BARR- Song Is the Single
Stretchheads- Long Faced German
Massgrave- The Earth Can't Compete
Kevin Shields- No Good Deed Goes Unpunished (playlist)
Foot Village- Brazil (new, non-playlist)
Yikes- The Cars
Abe Vigoda- World Heart
God Is My Co-Pilot- Handsome Molly
Mika Miko- Frisco Dyke
Ima (Fucking) Gymnist- So Freakin' Juicy! (playlist)
Big A Little a (Aa)- Flag Day
Daitro- A Plague for Another (playlist)
Swing Kids- El Camino Car Crash
Tiny Hawks- People Without End
Sightings- I Feel Like a Porsche
Soiled Matress and the Springs- Phillips Head
Bikini Kill- Suck My Left One
Yum Yum Tree- Valentine
Erase Errata- Retreat! The Most Familiar
Sissy Spacek- Untitled
Silver Daggers- We Didn't Pay

Thursday, February 28, 2008

February 27, 2008: Vermin

Insect Warfare- Mass Communication Mindfuck (playlist)
White Mice- Anton Larvae
Die Monitr Batss- Black
Sick Bees- Slumber Party
Raccoo-oo-oon- Behold Secret Kingdom (playlist)
Fat Worm of Error- Cicadas
Iron Lung- Riot in the Infirmary
Scapegoat- Catechize
Crispus Attucks- I Don't Want to Destroy Everything... Just You
Olde Ghost- Wasteland (playlist)
Ratbyte- Speed
Ralphus- I'm Canadian
Nitwits- Captain America
Raooul- Food Girls
Ima (Fucking) Gymnist- Action in Your Life (playlist)
Squirrel Bait- Hammering So Hard
Tim Hecker- Sammy Loves Eddie Hates David
Usurp Synapse- An X-Ray
Old Man Ghost- Sleeping with Snakes
Assfactor 4- Smoked Out
Double Negative- Looking at the Rats (playlist)
Neurosis- Pain of Mind
Burning Star Core- A Curse of the Coast
Ratos de Porão- Expresso da Escravidão
Out Cold- Menticide (playlist)
Milemarker- Sex Jam Two: Insect Incest
Fire Party- Jerk
Spider and the Webs- A Kid Named Jay
Rainbow of Death- Death Rock & Rollerskates
Charles Bronson- Ants in the Kool Aid
Sed Non Satiata- Les Hommes Sans Visage (playlist)
Order of Importance- Burn the South
Noisy Sins of the Insect- Cursed Day
Conga Fury- The Rose of Versailles
Social Circkle- Life Crisis (playlist)
John Henry West- 10,000 Words
Walter Wegmüller- Der Narr
Vegan Reich- Mystic Warrior
Fresh Maggots- Spring
Bongripper- Hippy Killer Part 4
High Places- Head Spins
Infest- Nothing's Changed
Extreme Noise Terror- Bullshit Propaganda
Moss Icon- End Liberation Fly
Towers- See You in Space Cowboy
Woods- Twisted Tongue

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Februrary 20, 2008: Body and Brains, Flesh and Blood

Coachwhips- Body and Brains
The Body- Cop Killer
Phoenix Bodies- Goddamn Pyramid Building Aliens
Man Is the Bastard- Blood Gutter
Citizens Patrol- Shit for Brains (playlist)
Gogogo Airheart- When the Flesh Hits
Ima (Fucking) Gymnist- So Freakin' Juicy! (playlist)
Child Pornography- Cold Fingers
Frumpies- Malice and Discontent
Cuddle Machines- Wardrobe Malfunction
Talk Is Poison- Draw Blood
The Hospitals- Rich People
Magik Markers- Body Rot (request)
I, Spy- Cowboys and Indians
Olde Ghost- Wasteland (playlist)
Nostril- Bewdong Canoe Start
Sinaloa- Tongue to Teeth
Insect Warfare- Mindripper (playlist)
Bucket Full of Teeth- It's a Set-Up
Neil Perry- Breathing with One Bad Lung
Scrotum Grinder- Irritable Bowl Disorder: Project Reagan
Motherfucking Titty Suckers- Dicktease
Battery- Why Is She in Pain?
Noothgrush- Judland Wastes
Frustrations- Exploding Mind (playlist)
Dahlia Seed- UFO
Stop It!!- Amen & Boys
The Red Scare- Sequenced for Explosion
Coffin Dancer- Pilgrims (playlist)
Ereshkigal- Your Guts Everywhere
Bedhead- Bedside Table
Montcalm- I Stopped Believing in Existence
Angel Hair- Second Cousin
Hair Police- Skull Mold
Life Trap- Bleak Reality (playlist)
Flatmates- Thinking of You (request)
Social Circkle- Life Crisis (playlist)
One-Eyed God Prophecy- Toddler
Wolf Eyes- Burn Your Horse Down
Han-shan- Flesh Lights and Stars

Thursday, February 14, 2008

February 13, 2008: Songs About Fucking

Inspired by Valentines Day and the legendary Big Black, this week was not only songs about fucking but also everything else that is not love.

Big Black- Precious Thing
Insect Warfare- Human Trafficking (playlist)
Native Nod- Tangled
Fifth Column- All Women Are Bitches
Rose for Bodhan- Thunderstorm Summerschool
Gravy Train!!!!- Hella Nervous
Catena Collapse- Elektra
Les Georges Leningrad- Missing Gary
Asterik- Ogre Battle
Tullycraft- Bored to Hear Your Heart Still Breaks (playlist)
Antischism- Where We Stand
Men's Recovery Project- Frank & Judy (request)
Bratmobile- Love Thing
Ima (Fucking) Gymnist- We're Professionals (playlist)
Heavens to Betsy- Me & Her
Black Eyes- King's Dominion
C.F.D.L.- Song for Crusty
Gnezi Dri- Ever
Vampire Can't- Wax Lips
Kevin Shields- No Good Deed Goes Unpunished (playlist)
Team Dresch- Growing Up in Springfield
Sloppy Seconds- I Don't Wanna Take You Home (request)
Former Members of Alfonsin- Devil's Vocabulary Test
Look Back and Laugh- Midwest Trainwreck
Social Circkle- Life Crisis (playlist)
Lazy Magnet- Trumpets (playlist)
Kit Clayton- Safety Scissors
Seaweed- Star Girls
Still Life- Sunrise Sunset
Flowers in the Attic- The Last Time
Low Threat Profile- Ripe
Kidcrash- Waterweed (playlist)
They and the Children- Watch It Go
Solger- Raping Dead Nuns
Bloody Phoenix- A Brother's Betrayal (playlist)
Rusted Shut- Dying Up Here/I Hate Seattle
Subverse- So Rich, So Wise, So What
Mass Movement of the Moth- Crimps and Ties
Totalitar- Forena Er 2
Logs- Some Millipedes Have Eyes (playlist)
Archers of Loaf- Wrong (request)
The Magnetic Fields- Yeah! Oh Yeah!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Wednesday Night All-Stars

Tune in for the rest of the semester to Wednesday Night All-Stars with me & Alex from 10-12 eastern on Wednesday nights. Afterwards, keep listening to the Record Hospital with Kevin & Milli from 12-2, Kim from 2-3:30, and Meg & KJ from 3:30-5.

Also, Monday Night Strike is back with Evan and Baris. Listen from 10-12 Monday nights at WHRB Cambridge 95.3 FM in the Boston area or stream at

Friday, February 8, 2008

February 7, 2008: Canonical Hipster Noise

Merzbow- Live Destruction (playlist)
Mohinder- Mission
Extreme Animals- Dizney Rave
Infest- Judge Me
1905- Side by Side
Ima Fucking Gymnist- So Freakin' Juicy (playlist)
Yum Yum Tree- N.E.A.
Humpy- The Nite Before the Night Before
Asshole Parade- Thief 2
An Albatross- I Will Swim Into the Lazer Eye
Foot Village- Brazil (new, non-playlist)
Jeromes Dream- Exit 29 Collapsed As I Drove By
To Live and Shave in L.A.- Ride a Cock Over Horse
Mainspring- Ruler
Kidcrash- Waterweed (playlist)
Quintron- Certain Girl
Dino Felipe- Strictly Genericize
Culturecide- California Punk
Cows- You Are So Beautiful
Insect Warfare- Mindripper (playlist)
Artimus Pyle- Slave Labor
Wipers- Pushing the Extreme
Barnacled- Cloud Pump
Ninja Death Squad- 18 Fatal Strikes
Rings- All Right Peace (playlist)
Pre- Fudging on Our Folks
The Raincoats- Lola (request)
Gaunt- Good Bad Happy Sad
Walls- Same Guy, Same Story (playlist)
Harriet the Spy- Shitfire
Halfman- Substitution
Logs- Tourniquet (playlist)
Furnace- I Rest Easy, Your Ship Has Sailed
Violent Society- Times of Distraught
Bloody Phoenix- Nine Months
Mr. California and the State Police- Punk Rock Aerobics
Kitty Cat Spy Club- Girl Love
Sightings- Dudes
Nightsounds- Nineteen
Staircase- Escapism
Agathocles- Behavior

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Friday, February 1, 2008

Phantom Pregnancies- Ghost Boy
Mika Miko- Capricorinations
Mikaela's Fiend- Blanket
Wives with John Wiese- Manchurch
Kevin Shields- No Good Deed Goes Unpunished (playlist)
Foot Village- Brazil (new, non-playlist)
Ima Fucking Gymnist- So Freakin' Juicy!
Spitboy- What Are Little Girls Made Of?
Frail- Blister
J Church- Bomb
Abe Froman- Wet Newspaper
Ringers- Dialtones (playlist)
Screeching Weasel- You'll Be in my Dreams
Adickdid- All American Girl
The Conversions- Basement Escapism (playlist)
The Yah-Mos- Fuck That
Threatener- Amniotic Trauma
Out of Vogue- Get Lost
Bread and Circuits- Trophy Room
Angel Hair- New Rocket
Draize- White-Line Nightmare (playlist)
Social Circkle- Can't Take It
Saetia- The Sweetness and the Light
Major Stars- Black Road
Poser Disposer- Clear Your Mind
Tyranny of Shaw- Fix Me
Walls- Calming Down (playlist)
God Is My Co-Pilot- Grizzly Gizzard
The Sharp Ease- Peoplewhich
Redwing Blackbird- Goldfinch (playlist)
Tiger Trap- Hiding
No Age- My Life's Alright without You
Bikini Kill- Carnival
Child Pornography- TV's Gotta Hold on Me (new, non-playlist)
Brrr- Beauty and the Beast (playlist)
Her Breath on Glass- Having It without Distance (playlist)
Wingtip Sloat- Tea Pot
Heavenly- Escort Crash on Marston Street
Honeybunch- Hey Blue Sky!