Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Gentleman Jesse and His Men

Evan came to visit this weekend. He's been doing a great job with his weekly Walkie Talkies updates. One band that he's gotten me into lately is Gentleman Jesse and His Men.

Gentleman Jesse and His Men are a power pop band from Atlanta who have put out a 7" and an LP on Douchemaster Records. "Gentleman" Jesse (Smith) plays bass for the Carbonas but switches over to guitar for these efforts. The drummer, Dave Rahn, is also in the Carbonas and plays on Baby Shakes' The First One (the most recent Douchemaster release), which I also got when I ordered Gentleman Jesse and His Men- total bubblegum.

Their self-titled LP came out earlier this year after being recorded last December. Like related projects, it hearkens back to another era while staying fresh. It's impossible not to tap your foot and sing along to this shit.

Gentleman Jesse and His Men- self-titled
Get it from Douchemaster

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Unknown said...

I found this blog through Shirley... Anyway, thanks for posting this. I'm always up for some pop music. This reminds me a lot of the Exploding Hearts.