Sunday, December 12, 2010


First, Jessica Hopper linked to this interview recently, making me revisit an old favorite: "But speaking of lesbianism, tell me about your mom’s favorite song on the new record." Check out this interview Miranda July did with Khaela from the Blow. (From/who is the Blow? I don't know how what is proper to use.)

I keep giving this Mary a shout-out, so I think it's high time another Mary gets one. The East-Coast Mary has revived her blague Cindy Shmerman, which you should check out.

To the point, I was talking about Suture with West-Coast Mary a couple weeks back. As she said, anything with both Kathleen Hanna and Sharon Cheslow is bound to be awesome. Suture features Kathleen's signature roar, but is perhaps more similar to Viva Knievel than Bikini Kill, mixing grunge, post-punk, and general brattiness. I believe they performed at IPU's Girl Night (aka punk rock dream come true).

And we're back to my shitty photobooth pictures...

Suture released a 7" in 1992, a split release between Decomposition and Dischord. My favorite is the more delicate B-side "Pretty Is." They contributed these three songs ("Good Girl," "Falling," and the aforementioned "Pretty Is") to the compilation cassette A Wonderful Treat, which included another one-off Kathleen Hanna project, Wondertwins. I'm going to include all four tracks on A Wonderful Treat in this upload. The 7" is long out of print, so snag it if you can!

Suture- four tracks