Friday, December 14, 2007

December 13, 2007

Phoenix Bodies- Enlarge Your Penis
Sissy Spacek- #8
Salvo Rain- Diss Engaged
Draize- White-Line Nightmare (playlist)
Look Back and Laugh- Blinders
Sentai- Age of Information (playlist)
Encylopedia of American Traitors
From Monument to Masses- Sharpshooter
Civil Disobedience- Manufactured Citizens
Transistor Transistor- Wartime at the Apollo
Weekly Love Songs!
Limp Wrist- I Love Hardcore Boys, I Love Boys Hardcore
Tokidoki- Cookie Cutter
Magnetic Fields- 100,000 Fireflies
Tullycraft- Mental Obsession
Tiger Trap- Puzzle Pieces
Adickdid- Mail Box
The Conversions- Prisoners' Inventions (playlist)
Coughs- Life of Acne
Toshiro Mifune- Pistol Eve
The 1905- Can't Change Everything (request)
Ampere- Abject Failure (playlist)
Black Eyes- King's Dominion
USA Is a Monster- Shake Stasis
La Quiete- *
Her Breath on Glass- The Desperate Things I Blame on You (playlist)
My Disco- Troubled Receiver
Redwing Blackbird- Pangolin (playlist)
Laundromat- Abu Loves You
Dropdead- No Glory
Logs- Tourniquet (playlist)
Pines of Nowhere- Soul Is Sould
CHCP- Mosario
Millions of Dead Cops- Bye Bye Ronnie
Big Bear- Pardon My English