Friday, October 3, 2008

October 3, 2008

Libyans- I'm Done
Curll- Woolen Soldier
16- Door Prize
Elder- Golden Flower
Concrete Facelift- Wasted Again
Shank- Witch Hunts Work
Ninja Death Squad- Disciples of the 36th Chamber
Anti You- Breaker of the Oath
The Stakeout- No Way Out
Threatener- Antlers in the Throat
Dynamite Arrows- Quality of Life
The Fall- Leave the Capitol (request)
Violent Society- I Wanna Know
Fun Bug- Seventeen
The Measure (SA)- Portland
Unnatural Helpers- Dirty, Dumb, & Comical
Milemarker- Sex Jam Two: Insect Insest
Vivian Girls- I Can't Stay
Dolly Mixture- How Come You're Such a Hit with the Boys, Jane?
The Automaticans- Audrey
Dahlia Seed- Milk
Nitwits- Captain America
Crimpshrine- Rearranged
Blotto- Hunchbacked Cat
Dub Narcotic Sound System- Industrial Breakdown
Girls at Our Best- Pleasure
The Sonora Pine- Cloister
Off Minor- To an Ex
Anomie- Avorter N'est Pas Tuer
Danse Macabre- Ein Leiser Tod
China Pig- Christened by a Dead Cat
...Who Calls So Loud
Noothgrush- Useless
Sex Vid- Cleansing
Guyana Punch Line- Cracked
Deathreat- Elementary Course in Prison Economics
Turboslut- Too Little Too Late
Kolya- Idiatrod
Cinemechanica- Brain Tarp
Thumbnail- Sore Throat
The Shakespeares in Love- Sonnet 18
Pygmy Lush- Hard to Swallow
Off With Their Heads- Wrong
Hey Girl!- Always Be My Baby
The King Cobra- March on Pompeii
Rager- Pimpin' Ain't Easy
Brainbombs- Slayer
Tubers- Coconut Thunder
Maximillian Colby- Sifelaver

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