Friday, October 24, 2008

P.S. Eliot

I originally started this blog to post my playlists, and this is the first week I'm not posting one. The right turntable is still broken, so I still can't do what I want, and I was in a really shitty mood last night and probably played a terrible show.

I love pop punk... obviously. I proclaim it regularly, own it, etc. I obviously love fuzzy girl punk as well. When the two intersect, well, you can imagine that I get quite excited.

P.S. Eliot are a four piece from Birmingham who put out a demo earlier this spring. After that, they did a mini Southern tour, to which one of the members (Katie) said:
"so we have a demo that we made in my basement last weekend. its got 5 songs, out of about 8 that we have written. some people might think that it's a little naive of us to tour on 8 songs and a shitty van and little experience/money/etc. but i consider it kind of necessary. we have the time and we have this sort of super-zealous, enthusiastic outlook on doing a lot with what we have right now, so why not?"

Maybe they'll translate that ambition again and come all the way up North? They're headed up to Philly right before New Year's, but it doesn't seem like an actual tour.

Seriously though, check them out. Fuzzy pop punk with clever rhymes.

P.S. Eliot- Bike Wreck Demo


Dan said...

Couldn't agree more. That demo is great.

Pidgey said...

sweet stuff, thanks muchly

Goose said...

Very Sweet Band.

I took this picture the night that they played; they were fucking great.

You can see the rest of the shots from the infamous June 8th 08' show here: