Sunday, April 27, 2008

Baltimore Is Scum

Recorded in the fall of 1999 and released in 2000, Baltimore Is Scum was Abe Froman's first release. It's definitely one of my favorite 7"s out there.
Abe Froman was a pop punk trio of the Plan-It-X variety consisting of Erin & Matt Tobey and Ryan Batkie. After their 7", they released a self-titled LP in 2001 and a split LP with Soophie Nun Squad.

Erin provides the vocal onslaught and axe madness on Baltimore Is Scum, Matt the XY-chromosome version of the vocal onslaught, and Ryan voice box assassination and the 4-string assault weapon.

Abe Froman went on hiatus after Ryan started school in Philadelphia and played their last show at Plan-It-X fest in 2004.

Erin and Matt both played in Mt. Gigantic. Matt plays solo as Matty Pop Chart, and Erin has a solo project as well. She joined Richmond-based Pink Razors in the spring of last year.

Abe Froman- Baltimore Is Scum

Thursday, April 24, 2008


So there were a few bands called Evergreen, but the best is definitely a 1990s emo band from California. If I didn't love '90s emo & hardcore enough, the Viva La Vinyl '90s sendspace forum certainly made me love it even more. Weeks of ridiculous collectors posting rarities you thought you'd never find.

Anyway, Evergreen included Aaron Calvert on guitar, Andy Ward on bass (also of Antioch Arrow), and Jason Boesel on drums (now in Rilo Kiley). Kind of like the Pissed Officers to Bishop Allen transition, I don't really know how Jason Boesel made that transition. (Disclaimer: I actually have an incredibly soft spot for Rilo Kiley.)

Evergreen released two 7"s, a split 7" with Still Life, and the insanely rare 7 Songs LP on Anomaly Records. The ever-wise Evan told me that this is so rare because they weren't happy with how they turned out and dumped them on the side of the street (or something of the sort). You can still find their These Last Days 7" from Gravity Records.
Here's their Trudy Push Pin 7" released in 1994 on Wrenched Records.

Evergreen- Trudy Push Pin

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

April 23, 2008: Food

Witches with Dicks- One Whopper for the Copper
Fire Party- Cake
Bread and Circuits- The End of History
Word Salad- Stomach Wounds Bleeding Again
Apeshit!- Cheeseburger in Paradise (playlist)
Waco Fuck- Employee of the Month (playlist)
The K. Shipley- Last One to Embrace the Vanguard is a Piece of Shit
Dahlia Seed- Milk
Bellafea- Stranger
No Age- Male Masturbation (playlist)
Cub- My Chinchilla (playlist)
Honeybunch- Hey Blue Sky!
Love Child- Ponytail
Heavenly- It's You
Tokidoki- Cookie Cutter
Libyans- Welcome to the Neighborhood
Abe Froman- Soup Can Phones
Torrington- Badge of Shit
Honeywell- You and Me Screaming, Numb Ears
Sex Vid- Nests (playlist)
Baader Brains- Baader Brains (playlist)
Potato Justice- Social Contortion
Bleed- Mr. Elliott
Rodan- Milk & Melancholy
Des Ark- R We Killing This Town! (playlist)
Antlers- Black Walnut (playlist)
Science of Yabra- Glass Ship
Snack Truck- Böf
Pocahaunted- Out of a Common Bowl
Delta 5- Mind Your Own Business
The Casual Dots- Mama's Gonna Bake Us a Cake
High Places- Head Spins (playlist)
Lucky Dragons- What Rice Said
Gay Against You- Dear Diary
KC Milian- A Cusack Movie
Neck Tie Party- Penny Box Opera
Holy Moly Mountain- Hammer
Sinaloa- Legs.Limbs.Wings (playlist)
Mathletes- Raisins and Mortality (Mostly Raisins)
Sleepytime Trio- Rock Candy
Silver Apples- Velvet Cave
Ema and the Ghosts- Ermine and Mink
Dynamite Arrows- Lady, I'm Fucking Dead
Towel- My Antonia
JR Ewing- First Class Suicide

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

More Des Ark

In case you didn't know already, I'm kind of obsessed with Des Ark. Well, kind of might be a bit of an understatement.

They (basically Aimee) just released another live album, recorded in December 2007 on WXDU.
According to their myspace:
"songs about anger management issues, alcoholics, fucking your friends, failed marriages, sexual assault, letting go, going AWOL, total lying sacks of shit & more, set to dumpstered instruments & packaged in almost kind of real artwork. totally awesomE!"

Des Ark- Live on WXDU, v.2

Sunday, April 20, 2008

FEST 2008

Record Hospital Fest went down this weekend at the Democracy Center/Papercut Zine Library and the Quincy Cage. Fucking real house.

Friday night: David Dougan, Blue Shift, Abraham Lincoln Brigade, Dolphins into the Future, Childbride, Greyskull, Sun Shine Sanitarium, the Skaters, Dreamhouse, & Heathen Shame.
At the Democracy Center....

Blue Shift from Providence

Dolphins into the Future all the way from Belgium on tour with the Skaters

Sun Shine Sanitarium

Saturday night: Brain Killer, Scapegoat, Libyans, ¡Apeshit!, & Social Circkle.
At the Quincy Cage....

A slighty inaccurate (was at one point correct) but awesome flier....

Brain Killer


Check them this Friday, April 25 at the Democracy Center, and get their new Welcome to the Neighborhood 7".


Social Circkle

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Life At These Speeds/Thank God

Whoa.... "Younger Monkey".... incredible.

Life at These Speeds were a band from Portland that broke up this past fall. Their split with Thank God on Exotic Fever and Tick Tock Records is their last release. You can still find it a bunch of places- I got mine from Robotic Empire. More than worth your $4. LATS also have a self-titled album and To Your Health.
Thank God are from Columbia, South Carolina, and have a bunch of stuff out on Tick Tock.

Life At These Speeds/Thank God split

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

April 16, 2008: Blue Flannel

Lesbians on Ecstacy- Revolt (Le Tigre remix)
God Is My Co-Pilot- Crushing a Girl
Twin- White Eyes (playlist)
Fifth Column- All Women Are Bitches
Mika Miko- Frisco Dyke
Floor- Floyd
The Swarm- Plague
Acrimonte- Cloudburst
Orthrelm/Touchdown- Nobody Likes a Nomad, or, Simple Folk
Daniel Striped Tiger- Untying Knots (playlist)
The Vaselines- Monsterpussy
Team Dresch- Hand Grenade
No Age- Eraser (playlist)
JaQuay- This Unborn Book
Mohinder- The Mission
Don Caballero- Belted Sweater
The Party of Helicopters- The Toucher
Tracy + the Plastics- Hey Rubella
Wooden Shjips- Death's Not Your Friend
Inca Ore (playlist)
Libyans- Cough It Up (playlist)
Conniption- Hopeless at 21
A Days Refrain- Bandaids for Broken Bones
Heavens to Betsy- Me & Her
Des Ark- Girls Get Rough (playlist)
Panicsville- The Man Who Hated Women and the Woman Who Loved Him
Menstruation Sisters- Me Eat It Lunch
Eloe Omoe- Illidrium
Sonic Youth- J'accuse segment (playlist)
Nautical Almanac- Male Mountain (the Horns of Dionysus)
DS 13
Drunk Tank- Mary Worth
Antlers- Sequoia (playlist)
Get the Hell out of the Way of the Volcano- Bagful of Spiders
New Bloods- Doubles (playlist)
Tidal- Parasite
Carbomb- Constitution Revolution
Draize- Long Knives
Towers Open Fire- Terror Sleeps
Christie Front Drive- Bowl
Sinaloa- Ashes of Giants (playlist)
Maximillian Colby- One Gallon Alda
August Spies- John Wayne Gacy
Offsides- On the Chart (playlist)
The Sharp Ease- Remain Instant
Adickdid- All American Girl
The Need- Jacky the Ripper
God Is My Co-Pilot- Out in the Streets
Lesbians on Ecstacy- Manipulate (Katastrophe remix)

Tuesday, April 15, 2008



Friday, April 18 at the Democracy Center
45 Mt. Auburn Street in Harvard Square
The Skaters
Heathen Shame
Abraham Lincoln Brigade
Sun Shine Sanitarium
Dolphins into the Future

Saturday, April 19 at the Quincy Cage
48 Plympton Street also in Harvard Square
Social Circkle
Apeshit! (NYC)
Brain Killer

be there. 6-12 both nights. suggested donation: $8 for one night, $15 for both.

Friday, April 11, 2008


Antlers are a band from the Richmond area with members from Mass Movement of the Moth, Gregor Samsa, and some others. More instrumental/mellow than Mass Movement and really pretty. Erin Tobey joins them on this album. After starting out in Michigan with Abe Froman, then moving to Portland with Mt. Gigantic, she's now based in Richmond. In addition to playing with Antlers, she also does solo work (as a musician and artist) and is now playing with Pink Razors.
This is their debut album out now on vinyl and CD on Rorschach.


Gerty Farish/Pissed Officers

After some debate at the station last night, it seems that Pissed Officers and Bishop Allen are actually connected. How you go from being in an awesome hardcore band to Bishop Allen though is another question.
Anyway, they released a split with Gerty Farish a while back that rips.

Gerty Farish are playing tomorrow (April 12) at the Middle East Upstairs with some others pissed dudes.... This time, Pissed Jeans. Tinsel Teeth and Reports will also be playing.

Gerty Farish/Pissed Officers split

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

April 9, 2008: Animals, Zoos, etc.

Abe Vigoda- Animals Ghosts
Bear Proof Suit- Sans Equity
Brainworms- Not Heavy Just Awkward (playlist)
Sexy Prison- Teen Wolfes Parte Like Whitney (Harg)
Ex-Models- Buy American
Yellows Swans (playlist)
Volcano the Bear- Reah's Mort
Beach Bunny Bingo- Smack Subscription
Awesome Snakes- Venom
AIDS Wolf versus Athletic Automaton- Dew Covered Plummage
Des Ark- Saddle Is Waitin (C'mon Jump On It) (playlist)
Shroomunion- Dragonshine
Sawhorse- Spoke
Antlers- Catalpa (playlist)
Scapegoat- Hemorrhage
Comper Jeff joined in....
Thumbnail- Straight to Zero
Evergreen- Pants Off
Drift- Fade
The Blackout Terror- I Dreamt I Saw Phil Ochs Last Night
Bazhena- Tradewinds
Dogs of Ire- Dawn of Jingoist
St. Albans Kids- When We Were Just Days From Illiteracy
Night Wounds- Hex Appeal (playlist)
Polar Goldie Cats- Whale Song
Devoid of Faith
Tiger Trap- Puzzle Pieces
Abe Froman- Russian 101
Mika Miko- With My Ducks
Element of Crime- Jaws All Ism
Lync- Turtle
High Places- Head Spins (playlist)
More from Jeff....
Agna Moraine's Autobiography- Lying Burnt the Surface
Hemlock- Big Heart, Little Brain
Maggot Sandwich- Abortion Debate
Tagging Sattelites- She Came To
The Epileptics- The Disaster
Caninus- No Dogs, No Masters
Pig Destroyer- Lesser Animal
Hatebeak- Bird Seeds of Vengeance
Asterisk (*)- 33
Insect Warfare- Bestial Destruction
Remingtin- A Veteran Delivered
Huggy Bear- Can't Kiss
L'Antietam- Two Birds
Robin Williams on Fire- Jungle Gym at Crucifixes
Ultra Dolphins- Town Goat

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Redwing Blackbird this Friday at the Advocate & on air

Redwing Blackbird will be playing this Friday evening (April 11) at the Advocate at 7:45 with Son of the Renegade and Susan Putnins of the Sinister Turns. The Advocate is at 21 South Street in Harvard Square. Afterwards, Redwing Blackbird will be playing live on WHRB at 10 pm.
They are a folk duo from New Hamsphire made up of Austin Wright and Eric Gagne. Eric used to be in Death to Tyrants.
This past fall they released their self-titled debut CD on Red Room Records.

Suggested donation: $5.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

April 2, 2008: Weapons of Mass Destruction

The Exploder- Last Picture Show
Bloody Phoenix- With My Rifle (playlist)
Shotmaker- Table
Yaphet Kotto- Driving Through Natchez
June of 44- Doomsday
Combatwounded Veteran- Gods, Guns, and Guts
Cacofonia- Everybody Wants with My Sister
Spirit of Versailles- Winter
Cease Upon the Capitol- Unlisted II (playlist)
Dysrhytmia- Annihilation II
Pink Razors- First Degree (new, non-playlist)
Off with Their Heads- Janie
J Church- Bomb
Emily- Cartoon Sex
Dangerloves- Lipsmart (playlist)
Double Negative- Rehumanization (playlist)
Hirax- Dying World (Shock)
Raein- On Air
Forcefield- Part IV
Dropdead- Life in Chains
Get Destroyed- Dirge
Ten Boy Summer- The History of Blank Pages...
Life at These Speeds- Younger Monkey (playlist)
Dinner, 1933- Miniscule Child
Antlers- White Fur (playlist)
Des Ark- No More Fighting Cats, OK?
The Hal Al Shedad- Machine Gun
John Henry West- Bullet Proof
Embrace- Said Gun
Raccoo-oo-oon- Behold Secret Kingdom (playlist)
Nuzzle- River Underground
Books Lie- Adobe
Rot Shit- Drive Fucked Up (playlist)
Aspirin Feast- Kill It with a Skillet
Brutal Knights- I Wanna Die
Hijokaidan- Intelligent Ignorance
Trin-Tran- A Bomb
Hara-Kari Kitty- Hillary Duff Silver Bullet Extractor
Velocity Girl- What You Say
WarKrime- Mind Kampf (playlist)
Insect Warfare- Armored Virus (playlist)
Puritan- Never Meanin' No Harm
The End of the Century Party- Clean Shot
True Feedback Story- The Question of Bombs
Direct Control- Terror Shock
Ima Gymnist- So Freakin' Juicy! (playlist)

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Pink Razors

Most people listen to pop punk in middle school. I never fully grew out of my pop punk phase. Pink Razors are a such a band from Richmond. Robotic Empire released their full length, Waiting to Wash Up, at the beginning of 2006. They are part of a really awesome scene in Richmond along with other bands like Ultra Dolphins (who are coming to RH Fest this year!) and Brainworms. Rorschach sent us some their First Degree 7" at the station recently along with a bunch of other great releases.

Pink Razors- Waiting to Wash Up