Sunday, October 19, 2008

October 17, 2008

Sharp Knife- The Unbearable Lightness
Embassy- Beyond Bridges
Turboslut- Dry
Cardiac Arrest- Fool Me Once
The Freeze- This Is Boston, Not LA
Timber- Beginning
Asthma Attaq- You'll Need a Shoehorn
Life At These Speeds- Younger Monkey
Antlers- White Fur
Des Ark- The Subtleties of Chores & Unlocked Doors
Get Killed- Use That Razor for Your Wrist
Antischism- The Web (of War)
Punch- Semantically Challenged
Lack- Zur Genealogue des Modernen Menschen
Off Minor- To an Ex
Vivian Girls- Where Do You Run To?
Om- (Version)
Tsunami- Water's Edge
Twin- White Eyes
Mass Movement of the Moth- Riddle Me 666
J Church- Bomb
***Shirley helping out***
Misfits- Hybrid Moments
Gang of Four- Damaged Goods
Schneider TM- The Light 3000
***end Shirley***
Life Partners- Ace of Spades
Bratmobile- Love Thing
Cheeky- Deal with It
Baby Guts- Shark Teeth
The Raincoats- Lola (Shirley again)
Silver Daggers- We Didn't Pay
Frustrations- Evil Twin
Sissies- Stand Up
Tranzmitors- Teenage Tragedy
Pink & Brown- I'm Tired He's Dead
Blotto- Hunchbacked Cat
Tracy + the Plastics- Hey Rubella
Hey Girl!- Always Be My Baby
Gentlemen Jesse & His Men- Attention
Heavenly- Cool Guitar Boy
Screeching Weasel- She's Giving Me the Creeps
Human Mess- Uncaged Animal
Navio Forge- A Hole Into
Walls- Calming Down
Funeral Diner- The Wicked
Libyans- I'm Done
Pocahaunted- The Weight

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