Friday, December 18, 2009

White Lung

Now that I'm home doing nothing for nearly three weeks, I'd figured catching up on things I've been meaning to post since the summer... well either do this or read a book about Reagan-- tough call.

Most of my listening to Vancouver-based White Lung's second 7", Magazines, came at the end of my summer, when I was basically listening to half Dangerhouse/Dangerhouse rip-off stuff (the other half being Lookout! things). After their first release on the smaller Hockey Dad Records, they moved over to Deranged for this one.

I don't know if they have a publicist or it's just 'cause they have the novelty of being four (good-looking) girls in a punk band or 'cause they're awesome, but when I was looking some stuff up, I noticed that White Lung have gotten a lot of press from some unlikely sources (various locals, Vice). This doesn't do much good because they give you token comparisons like the Ramones, but it did pay off when I read that guitarist Natasha described them an "an eight-legged ball of fury."

The A-side is the real hit here; for starters, punk songs about ketamine? Still, with each song on here, Mish's vocals provide a bite. Put that over Dangerhouse style and occasional haunting post-punk moments (as on "Backhouse"), and I'm sold.

As for what's up next, I've read that they've recorded (or are recording a new 7"), and when I emailed the band about posting this a few months back, they said they'd tour the East Coast once they're LP is out-- fingers crossed on all accounts. They've got a West Coast tour slated for February for all y'all on this coast.

White Lung- Magazines 7"
Get it from Deranged