Friday, October 3, 2008

Dolly Mixture

I'm feeling kind of disillusioned with a lot of things musically related right now. At first it was a couple assholes complaining about the amount of kids at the noise show we put on... these kids are putting on your show, so shut your fucking mouth. While I definitely would still consider myself a kid, these people were complaining that everyone was "like twelve." Again, STFU. Then a couple nights ago I went to see Closet Fairies with Christa. It was in their practice space, which had all of this broken glass and shit lying around. People kept smashing things, and I got hit by a bottle someone threw. The show was supposed to start at 9, so I sort of expected it to start at 10. The first band went on around 11:30. They were ok but nothing special, and we had to leave right after that to catch the subway (last train leaves around 12:15). Apparently the Closet Fairies didn't even play and now maybe broke up? Unclear. The show supposedly got shut down, ambulances involved or something. I'm not really surprised as everyone there was being really fucking stupid. The other thing is that the turn tables at the station still are not functioning entirely properly. Basically, I can't play the kind of show I really want to... I also now have to do two and a half hours rather than two plus no more Alex.
Ok, rant over. Onto sunnier things.

At the Fenway practice space


I was listening to Dolly Mixture a couple days ago and was thinking about writing my WGS paper for the semester on interpretations of girl groups throughout the decades. I think I'm going to do something on teen magazines (drawing inspiration from How Sassy Changed My Life) in the '50s instead as the whole girl group thing really falls a bit later, but they're probably my favorite from the late '70s/early '80s nonetheless.

Dolly Mixture gained fame partly as the girlfriends of the Damned. When Captain Sensible went solo, they served as his backing band and played with him on top of the pops or whatever that English show is called. Aside from this though, they put out some really great records on their own.

Their name comes from a Scottish confection and was indicative of their attitude. They were twee before it was trendy or played out, preferring knitted cardigans to their boyfriends leather.

Demonstration Tapes was originally released as a double LP in 1984 on the group's own label, Dead Good Dollys Platters. It combined recordings from 1979 to 1983. It was later rereleased as a CD.

Dolly Mixture lie somewhere on the spectrum between the Shangri-Las and Talulah Gosh, nearer to their fellow Brits. They sped up pop, taking that punk influence on the classic girl group sound. They harkened back to old times with songs like "Will He Kiss Me Tonight?" and brought some serious sass with ones like "How Come You're Such a Hit with the Boys, Jane?"

Dolly Mixture- Demonstration Tapes


I'm working on figuring out how to record from my turn table to my computer. Right now I can record it, but it sounds really fuzzy, horrible, and quiet. Hopefully I'll have time to work on it this weekend or get someone to help me or something.

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