Friday, October 17, 2008

Milli + Meneguar

I'm in a very weird hangover-y disconnect mood right now, and Des Ark is my oxygen. Late nights with Shirley and Jim and probably not the best plan the night before a big 21st. Today is Milli's 21st birthday, so this post is for her.

Things that start with M include one of her favorite bands- Brooklyn-based Meneguar. They don't really need much of an introduction at this point... see also Woods (Family Creeps), Woodsist, etc.

I Was Born at Night was their first album, released in 2005 on Magic Bullett and in 2006 on Troubleman Unlimited. Part power pop, part indie rock, all fun. I cannot write right now... maybe I'll do this more later. I will actually post album art later. My computer is failing me, and I am failing at life at present.

The TMU artwork perched on my failing computer before I cleaned by room/desk.

Meneguar- I Was Born at Night

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Millicent said...

i just read this post!! i love when i get shoutouts on my favorite blog humpypuzzlepiecesdotblogspotdotcom

thanks for birthday love and charmander sweatpants

sorry for writing incoherent embarassing comments on yr blog.

love, me