Friday, September 26, 2008


It's raining right now, and I really don't feel like doing much other than sitting in my bed. I'll probably finish Fun Home after this (thanks, Dan) and then move on to reading I'm actually supposed to be doing.

The show went pretty well on Tuesday although we got shut down just before the end. We probably won't be doing many more noise shows, but hopefully the punx will keep going. Definitely looking forward to Walls' tour (Quincy Cage, November 14). I'm also already looking forward to Little Lungs and Closet Fairies at the Platonic Sleepover House on October 19 (not our show, but stoked nonetheless). I'm also excited about the next Libyans show in town (October 23). Aaron dropped off their new record at the station last night. I enjoy it of course, and the art is pretty sick- the cover has a screened acetate insert.

One of our turntables in the studio is broken right now, so last night/this morning's show was quite a change of pace. Most of my show is usually vinyl, but without two functioning turntables, I couldn't really do that, so I played almost everything on my computer. Without having to cue up a bunch of separate things, I could actually listen to what I was playing. I felt lazy, but it was kind of nice.

I had only listened to a couple times through before, but I really enjoy what I played off the new Grouper. I listen to it a lot more and always love it, but I was digging Plunger even way more than usual last night.

Plunger formed in 1993 in Crofton, Maryland (outside of Annapolis). They were gone within a couple years (played their last show in '96), but they managed to release a demo, a 7" EP, a couple splits (one with William Martyr 17, whom I also love), and contribute to a couple comps. After they broke up, Plunger's self-titled LP put together a recording session from 1995 and their final one from 1996. It was released in 1997 on Planaria.

Someone put together a solid tribute myspace page for them here. It has lots of cool fliers for shows & album art.

I guess they're pretty stereotypical of the '90s emo sound I always love. Both Moss Icon & Tsunami are listed as influences (I've been listening to both of these a lot lately. Especially, Moss Icon + screen printing = golden)... That Tsunami is listed is perhaps a sign that they can be quieter at times. Lots of variation in tone/intensity/speed though as you'd expect.

Also look for them on the We've Lost Beauty compilation, in memory of Christopher Horne of William Martyr 17 (also with Cap'n Jazz, Julia, Ordination of Aaron, and many more).

Plunger- self-titled
Planaria seems to have some left

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