Friday, April 11, 2008

Gerty Farish/Pissed Officers

After some debate at the station last night, it seems that Pissed Officers and Bishop Allen are actually connected. How you go from being in an awesome hardcore band to Bishop Allen though is another question.
Anyway, they released a split with Gerty Farish a while back that rips.

Gerty Farish are playing tomorrow (April 12) at the Middle East Upstairs with some others pissed dudes.... This time, Pissed Jeans. Tinsel Teeth and Reports will also be playing.

Gerty Farish/Pissed Officers split


Anonymous said...

Gosh, were the heck can I find Pissed Officers songs/the record?! Songs of my youth!

veganboyjosh said...

also looking for the split. Mediafire says the files aren't there anymore...

help me puzzle pieces, you're my only hope.

ratstooth said...

wow thats is one of my favorite records i remember they played in kent.ohio over 10 years ago im so stoked that they are still around and they both played one my favorite gigs i will always remember that the pissed officers have some kind of paper boards up and everytime they were done a song (like there less a minute long if that) a board comes down it was great and gerty farish was the best 2 person band ever great keyboarding and i think teen anxious was great buying a pissed officers shirt it was like 2 or 3 bux and had turn inside out cuz the good side was a begle company and bad side was the band it was great haha funny thing i wore that shirt yesturday but the best of all was the split of them both and the box it came in turned into a rocket shit off the hook thats clever and i got a 45 with them both and alot of great other bands from bosten