Wednesday, April 23, 2008

April 23, 2008: Food

Witches with Dicks- One Whopper for the Copper
Fire Party- Cake
Bread and Circuits- The End of History
Word Salad- Stomach Wounds Bleeding Again
Apeshit!- Cheeseburger in Paradise (playlist)
Waco Fuck- Employee of the Month (playlist)
The K. Shipley- Last One to Embrace the Vanguard is a Piece of Shit
Dahlia Seed- Milk
Bellafea- Stranger
No Age- Male Masturbation (playlist)
Cub- My Chinchilla (playlist)
Honeybunch- Hey Blue Sky!
Love Child- Ponytail
Heavenly- It's You
Tokidoki- Cookie Cutter
Libyans- Welcome to the Neighborhood
Abe Froman- Soup Can Phones
Torrington- Badge of Shit
Honeywell- You and Me Screaming, Numb Ears
Sex Vid- Nests (playlist)
Baader Brains- Baader Brains (playlist)
Potato Justice- Social Contortion
Bleed- Mr. Elliott
Rodan- Milk & Melancholy
Des Ark- R We Killing This Town! (playlist)
Antlers- Black Walnut (playlist)
Science of Yabra- Glass Ship
Snack Truck- Böf
Pocahaunted- Out of a Common Bowl
Delta 5- Mind Your Own Business
The Casual Dots- Mama's Gonna Bake Us a Cake
High Places- Head Spins (playlist)
Lucky Dragons- What Rice Said
Gay Against You- Dear Diary
KC Milian- A Cusack Movie
Neck Tie Party- Penny Box Opera
Holy Moly Mountain- Hammer
Sinaloa- Legs.Limbs.Wings (playlist)
Mathletes- Raisins and Mortality (Mostly Raisins)
Sleepytime Trio- Rock Candy
Silver Apples- Velvet Cave
Ema and the Ghosts- Ermine and Mink
Dynamite Arrows- Lady, I'm Fucking Dead
Towel- My Antonia
JR Ewing- First Class Suicide

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