Wednesday, April 16, 2008

April 16, 2008: Blue Flannel

Lesbians on Ecstacy- Revolt (Le Tigre remix)
God Is My Co-Pilot- Crushing a Girl
Twin- White Eyes (playlist)
Fifth Column- All Women Are Bitches
Mika Miko- Frisco Dyke
Floor- Floyd
The Swarm- Plague
Acrimonte- Cloudburst
Orthrelm/Touchdown- Nobody Likes a Nomad, or, Simple Folk
Daniel Striped Tiger- Untying Knots (playlist)
The Vaselines- Monsterpussy
Team Dresch- Hand Grenade
No Age- Eraser (playlist)
JaQuay- This Unborn Book
Mohinder- The Mission
Don Caballero- Belted Sweater
The Party of Helicopters- The Toucher
Tracy + the Plastics- Hey Rubella
Wooden Shjips- Death's Not Your Friend
Inca Ore (playlist)
Libyans- Cough It Up (playlist)
Conniption- Hopeless at 21
A Days Refrain- Bandaids for Broken Bones
Heavens to Betsy- Me & Her
Des Ark- Girls Get Rough (playlist)
Panicsville- The Man Who Hated Women and the Woman Who Loved Him
Menstruation Sisters- Me Eat It Lunch
Eloe Omoe- Illidrium
Sonic Youth- J'accuse segment (playlist)
Nautical Almanac- Male Mountain (the Horns of Dionysus)
DS 13
Drunk Tank- Mary Worth
Antlers- Sequoia (playlist)
Get the Hell out of the Way of the Volcano- Bagful of Spiders
New Bloods- Doubles (playlist)
Tidal- Parasite
Carbomb- Constitution Revolution
Draize- Long Knives
Towers Open Fire- Terror Sleeps
Christie Front Drive- Bowl
Sinaloa- Ashes of Giants (playlist)
Maximillian Colby- One Gallon Alda
August Spies- John Wayne Gacy
Offsides- On the Chart (playlist)
The Sharp Ease- Remain Instant
Adickdid- All American Girl
The Need- Jacky the Ripper
God Is My Co-Pilot- Out in the Streets
Lesbians on Ecstacy- Manipulate (Katastrophe remix)

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