Thursday, April 24, 2008


So there were a few bands called Evergreen, but the best is definitely a 1990s emo band from California. If I didn't love '90s emo & hardcore enough, the Viva La Vinyl '90s sendspace forum certainly made me love it even more. Weeks of ridiculous collectors posting rarities you thought you'd never find.

Anyway, Evergreen included Aaron Calvert on guitar, Andy Ward on bass (also of Antioch Arrow), and Jason Boesel on drums (now in Rilo Kiley). Kind of like the Pissed Officers to Bishop Allen transition, I don't really know how Jason Boesel made that transition. (Disclaimer: I actually have an incredibly soft spot for Rilo Kiley.)

Evergreen released two 7"s, a split 7" with Still Life, and the insanely rare 7 Songs LP on Anomaly Records. The ever-wise Evan told me that this is so rare because they weren't happy with how they turned out and dumped them on the side of the street (or something of the sort). You can still find their These Last Days 7" from Gravity Records.
Here's their Trudy Push Pin 7" released in 1994 on Wrenched Records.

Evergreen- Trudy Push Pin

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