Wednesday, April 2, 2008

April 2, 2008: Weapons of Mass Destruction

The Exploder- Last Picture Show
Bloody Phoenix- With My Rifle (playlist)
Shotmaker- Table
Yaphet Kotto- Driving Through Natchez
June of 44- Doomsday
Combatwounded Veteran- Gods, Guns, and Guts
Cacofonia- Everybody Wants with My Sister
Spirit of Versailles- Winter
Cease Upon the Capitol- Unlisted II (playlist)
Dysrhytmia- Annihilation II
Pink Razors- First Degree (new, non-playlist)
Off with Their Heads- Janie
J Church- Bomb
Emily- Cartoon Sex
Dangerloves- Lipsmart (playlist)
Double Negative- Rehumanization (playlist)
Hirax- Dying World (Shock)
Raein- On Air
Forcefield- Part IV
Dropdead- Life in Chains
Get Destroyed- Dirge
Ten Boy Summer- The History of Blank Pages...
Life at These Speeds- Younger Monkey (playlist)
Dinner, 1933- Miniscule Child
Antlers- White Fur (playlist)
Des Ark- No More Fighting Cats, OK?
The Hal Al Shedad- Machine Gun
John Henry West- Bullet Proof
Embrace- Said Gun
Raccoo-oo-oon- Behold Secret Kingdom (playlist)
Nuzzle- River Underground
Books Lie- Adobe
Rot Shit- Drive Fucked Up (playlist)
Aspirin Feast- Kill It with a Skillet
Brutal Knights- I Wanna Die
Hijokaidan- Intelligent Ignorance
Trin-Tran- A Bomb
Hara-Kari Kitty- Hillary Duff Silver Bullet Extractor
Velocity Girl- What You Say
WarKrime- Mind Kampf (playlist)
Insect Warfare- Armored Virus (playlist)
Puritan- Never Meanin' No Harm
The End of the Century Party- Clean Shot
True Feedback Story- The Question of Bombs
Direct Control- Terror Shock
Ima Gymnist- So Freakin' Juicy! (playlist)

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