Wednesday, April 9, 2008

April 9, 2008: Animals, Zoos, etc.

Abe Vigoda- Animals Ghosts
Bear Proof Suit- Sans Equity
Brainworms- Not Heavy Just Awkward (playlist)
Sexy Prison- Teen Wolfes Parte Like Whitney (Harg)
Ex-Models- Buy American
Yellows Swans (playlist)
Volcano the Bear- Reah's Mort
Beach Bunny Bingo- Smack Subscription
Awesome Snakes- Venom
AIDS Wolf versus Athletic Automaton- Dew Covered Plummage
Des Ark- Saddle Is Waitin (C'mon Jump On It) (playlist)
Shroomunion- Dragonshine
Sawhorse- Spoke
Antlers- Catalpa (playlist)
Scapegoat- Hemorrhage
Comper Jeff joined in....
Thumbnail- Straight to Zero
Evergreen- Pants Off
Drift- Fade
The Blackout Terror- I Dreamt I Saw Phil Ochs Last Night
Bazhena- Tradewinds
Dogs of Ire- Dawn of Jingoist
St. Albans Kids- When We Were Just Days From Illiteracy
Night Wounds- Hex Appeal (playlist)
Polar Goldie Cats- Whale Song
Devoid of Faith
Tiger Trap- Puzzle Pieces
Abe Froman- Russian 101
Mika Miko- With My Ducks
Element of Crime- Jaws All Ism
Lync- Turtle
High Places- Head Spins (playlist)
More from Jeff....
Agna Moraine's Autobiography- Lying Burnt the Surface
Hemlock- Big Heart, Little Brain
Maggot Sandwich- Abortion Debate
Tagging Sattelites- She Came To
The Epileptics- The Disaster
Caninus- No Dogs, No Masters
Pig Destroyer- Lesser Animal
Hatebeak- Bird Seeds of Vengeance
Asterisk (*)- 33
Insect Warfare- Bestial Destruction
Remingtin- A Veteran Delivered
Huggy Bear- Can't Kiss
L'Antietam- Two Birds
Robin Williams on Fire- Jungle Gym at Crucifixes
Ultra Dolphins- Town Goat

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