Sunday, April 27, 2008

Baltimore Is Scum

Recorded in the fall of 1999 and released in 2000, Baltimore Is Scum was Abe Froman's first release. It's definitely one of my favorite 7"s out there.
Abe Froman was a pop punk trio of the Plan-It-X variety consisting of Erin & Matt Tobey and Ryan Batkie. After their 7", they released a self-titled LP in 2001 and a split LP with Soophie Nun Squad.

Erin provides the vocal onslaught and axe madness on Baltimore Is Scum, Matt the XY-chromosome version of the vocal onslaught, and Ryan voice box assassination and the 4-string assault weapon.

Abe Froman went on hiatus after Ryan started school in Philadelphia and played their last show at Plan-It-X fest in 2004.

Erin and Matt both played in Mt. Gigantic. Matt plays solo as Matty Pop Chart, and Erin has a solo project as well. She joined Richmond-based Pink Razors in the spring of last year.

Abe Froman- Baltimore Is Scum

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