Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Baader Brains + more

In the spirit of Fourth of July, I figured I'd post some Baader Brains. Nothing screams patriotism like "We must fight day and night to destroy the United States of America."

More brilliance (and samples of course) from the always elusive Mike Kirsch (Please Inform the Captain This Is a Hijack, John Henry West, etc. etc.). This came out this past winter on Clean Plate and Waking Records. Fucking solid.

This shit is worth it just for the album art and liner notes. Oh and the incredible music.

Baader Brains played a show pretty recently with Ampere and some others (I think maybe Punch) at Gilman Street in Berkeley recently- must have been epic.

Baader Brains- The Complete Unfinished Works of the Young Tigers
Get it from Clean Plate


In other news, the new issue of Give Me Back is out now; get it here.

And, Riot Grrrl Independence Day Carnival from 6 pm to midnight at the Smell on the 4th- a benefit for the Downtown Women's Center. Bruise Violet, the Pristines, Las Sangronas Y El Cabron, Motormouth Maybelles, Mermaid, No Ma'am, HOTTUB!, Sasha And the Shamrocks, All Neon Like, Zombelle, Anus Kings, the Loner Rebels, and more. Get amped yo!

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