Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Ordination of Aaron

Perhaps it's all the rain in London, being lonely in a new city, or just my love of '90s emo in general, but I've been listening to a lot of Ordination of Aaron lately.

Ordination of Aaron were an emo band from Kalmazoo, Michigan, during the mid '90s (1993-95). I think I first heard them on their split with Indian Summer- "Battle of Tippecanoe" is a great song. In addition to that split they released a couple 7"s, an LP, and participated on a few comps. They played shows with a ton of other awesome '90s hardcore bands (seriously, if you look at old fliers on this myspace page, it reads like a who's who).

Arcade Kahca compiled their discography on vinyl & CD a while back. Tough at times, pretty all the time. Members went on to be in Broken Hearts are Blue, Daredevil, and the M's.

Ordination of Aaron- Completed Works

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