Saturday, June 28, 2008

Heavenly vs. Satan

I've been back home for a few days and have encountered/noticed some good & bad things...

Good: Raiding the Amoeba 7" bins... some choice finds include the Tokidoki 7", the Rodan 7", Pink Razors LP, an old X 7", a couple Brenda Lee 7"s (I've been listening to "Dum Dum" over & over, & others. Plus I met Juan from Abe Vigoda when checking out- nice dude.
Bad: Spending too much money there.
Good: I realized I'll be able to sell back a lot of my old CDs to more than make up for that deficit.

Good: Seeing Abe Vigoda at the Smell a couple nights ago and No Age at the Getty tonight.

Bad: Having to deal with LA hipsters and all of their contrived bullshit.

Bad: Having to pick up some Glee Clubbers that are staying at my house in Pasadena yesterday and having them be an hour late.
Good: Getting to frighten them with Baader Brains.

Good: Free/yummy/easily accessible food.

Good: Driving down Sunset on my way home from Matt's listening to Heavenly vs. Satan.

Heavenly Vs. Satan is my favorite Heavenly album. Their first album, it was originally issued as Sarah Records 603- I found this online a couple months ago (which I was very excited about, obviously). K reissued it several years ago (2001 I think) adding some extra tracks from early 7"s.

Heavenly was basically Talulah Gosh part two. Amelia & Mathew were quite a team. Thank you England. I found Amelia's work email & address recently (she's an economist these days, and sort of was too in the days of Heavenly), and I kind of want to write her a letter to say thanks for making lovely music.

Anyway, this album has some of my favorite Heavenly songs, especially "Cool Guitar Boy." I'm posting the K reissue version.

Heavenly Vs. Satan
Buy the reissue from K


rios said...

HEAVENLY! fuck yes

Anonymous said...

heavenly vs. satan is brilliant. i found a japanese version of le jardin de heavenly on sarah records at target of all places. just as great.