Monday, July 28, 2008

Jodie Foster's Army

I saw Loser Life last night which was pretty awesome... met Steven (who also plays in Contaminators, Human Mess, and Harpoon Guns) and their roadie, Javier, who's in Mr. Highway. Plus got a couple of their 7"s (they were all out of the Euro tour press of their new LP as it was their last date of a two month tour) and some sweet records from a couple random distros (two Sex Vid 7"s and the Bands Who Don't Give a Shit About Being God 7" comp). It was pretty different being at a show here. They seem to be way more into the screamo over here, and the kids didn't really dance or mosh or anything.


I don't really listen to that much '80s stuff, but I've been listening to a lot of JFA lately.

Jodie Foster's Army were skate punks from Phoenix Arizona. They released their first 7", Blatant Localism, on Placebo way back in July of '81. I first heard them circa middle school when they were on a Tony Hawk (video game) soundtrack. They've been popping up from time to time lately (for example on Pat from Apeshit!'s shirt at Fest), and I think they're some good summer jams.

Murray Bowles, MRR

Their name is pretty ridiculous (I'm a huge fan) and is a reference to John Hinckley, Jr.'s attempted assassination of Ronald Reagan. He was motivated by an obsession with Jodie Foster which started after he saw her in Taxi Driver. Hinckley later called the shooting "the greatest love offering in the history of the world." Yeah, so he was kind of nuts and was found not guilty by reason of insanity... that's where JFA's name comes from... "Jodie dear, for you I'll kill that louse."

The song that has their name is on Blatant Localism along with five others. This 7" was put on We Know You Suck, a comp put out by Alternative Tentacles which also had their first LP and some live and rare stuff.

They're actually still a band, which I think is kinda weird, but you can check them out over here.

JFA- Blatant Localism
Get We Know You Suck from Alternative Tentacles

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