Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The Two Funerals + Phantom Pregnancies

So the riot grrrl carnival was kind of a bust... Great idea, but most of the bands were pretty mediocre or bad. Oh well.

If I were doing one and distance & other factors were no object, I'd want to get the Two Funerals. I'm not gonna post any tracks or a whole album for various reasons (mostly that I think one of the girls is in tweegrrlshare), but check them out. Awesome girl punk outta VA. They don't seem to play shows that often- I think they all go to different schools down there or something. And if they do play shows, they seem to be mostly in Virginia or the DC area. I'd like to get 'em up in Boston at some point. Anyway, they've got a 7" coming out soon on the Cottage Records. That's TTF in the pic (not some random band from the carnival).


On a not-so-related note, I'm in London now for the next six weeks-ish, so I figured I'd post something from that general area. I don't know too much about Phantom Pregnancies, and I don't have any of my records with me to look at liner notes. Karen from Huggy Bear started the band. I like them a lot more than Huggy Bear though (I've never gotten that into them). Anyway, I know that they released at least one 7" (which I found at Amoeba recently), a split with the Imperials, and an LP (Assassination City on Damaged Goods). Dim Mak released an LP comp of some of this stuff circa 2003 called The Compilation That Could Have Been a Contender. Super fuzzy, super fun.

If anyone knows any good girl bands from London or wants to fill me in on DIY shows here, holla.

Phantom Pregnancies- The Compilation That Could Have Been a Contender


Dominique Montgomery said...

Thanks for featuring us, and also for not posting the album, that was cool of you. I do really appreciate the stuff you post and have been downloading a lot of stuff and it's awesome.

-Dominique (TTF member on tweegirlshare)

Catherine said...

no problem and thanks for commenting and glad you like the blog. And seriously if y'all ever tour or just want to come up to Boston for a show, let me know. I'm excited for yr 7"!

Jon Manning said...

Your blog is relevant to my interests! Phantom Preggers is awesome.

They have a 7" on troubleman called "Special Child EP", LP on damaged goods, split 7" w/ Cinnamon Imperials, split 7" w/ Rent Boy Assassin, and that LP on dim mak.

Then there are the even harder to find 3 way split 7" w/ J Church and Mr. Hanson aka BECK! (limited to 100 copies, goes for triple digits if you ever find a copy), live one-sided 7", and bostic surgery 7".