Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Diamond Sea

Summer is finally coming to a close (today was my first day of classes), so I figure it's time for a bit of reflection on one of my favorite things I picked up this summer.

I was lucky enough to see the Diamond Sea play three dates on their northeast-ish tour. Hopefully if you live above the Mason-Dixon line you got a chance to see them as well. Despite the fact that I saw them three times in four days, each show was awesome. Their tour kick-off was the dyke march benefit show on Friday, June 26 in New York. The Carnal Knowledge reunion was insane. Missed them the next night at Dan's house, but I heard it was fun, and the boys seemed to still be recovering as we drove out to Western Mass the next day. Meghan put together an awesome show. We missed Brain Killer but caught Waste Management, the Diamond Sea, Cult Ritual, Ampere, and Aerosols. The following night just required a short bike ride over to Gay Gardens to see Afflictions, Confines, and then the Diamond Sea and Cult Ritual again. Confines were my favorite of the evening. Their demo is all gone now, but you can (and should) download it here. While you're there, check out the Bloody Gears demo too because it rules.

the diamond sea 062909  1

OK, back to the task at hand. My favorite description of this band is "The Diamond Sea sounds like Sleater-Kinney through a Gang Of Four filter." Aside from the gimicky name drops and what not that make it so great, it's also probably the most accurate one.

This 10" was put out by Yellow Ghost. Tara has also set up a bunch of awesome tours in Australia for bands like Ampere & Daniel Striped Tiger, and Punch will be headed over there soon.

When I first grabbed this record I listened to the A-side over and over. "Heavy Skies" is probably my favorite of the album. While the first half is great, I think my focus on it meant I didn't listen to the B-side enough. "Safe Keeping" is certainly another favorite. Anyway, I'm kind of spent on writing about music for the day and I started this over a month ago, so I don't really remember where I wanted to go with this. I'll just let the Diamond Sea's music speak for itself.

The Diamond Sea- Slow Signal
Get it here

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