Wednesday, September 23, 2009


I keep thinking I've heard my favorite demo of the year. First it was Foreign Objects. Then it was Bloody Gears. Then it was the Waifs. This time, I think Fleabag have done it.

I guess this band's biggest claim to fame is that they're ex-Punkin Pie. I must confess that I've never been super fond of this band. They're super cute, of course, but if I'm gonna go with Plan-It-X-y pop punk, I think I'd choose another.

Fleabag, on the other hand, are beyond awesome. I first heard them on the Best of the Nest 2009 compilation put out by the New York-based feminist zine distro For the Birds (this is an awesome tape/CD by the way, so track it down!). My first time listening through this comp, I loved the Fleabag track the most. On the way down to Best Friends Day, Josh brought their tape along for the drive, and I fell further in love. One thing that I think is really cool is that they put the five songs on both sides of the cassette. They're one of a bunch of awesome pop bands from the Bay Area right now (maybe stretching it on the Bay a bit, but who's excited for the Sourpatch LP?!) They did an East Coast tour this summer, but hit Worcester rather than Boston. Hopefully they'll come back again!

"Curb Appeal" is their track on the Best of the Nest, and I think it remains my favorite on the demo (at least for now since I'm most familiar with it). Like the rest of the tape, it's pretty straight-up pop punk with some '90s indie rock mixed in. I always love songs that reminisce about being a certain age- this really gets me with "we were all 19, you'll forget me by the end of the week." Even just getting a chance to listen to more of the tracks now, they all get a big thumbs up from me. This tape rules- perfect for walking by the river in the sun, or in a few weeks, lamenting the sun that is no longer around.

I thought this flier was cool, and I don't have the tape yet, so I can't scan in that art.

You can't really order this online, but if you get in touch with me I can send you their address and you might be able to grab a copy.

Fleabag- Demo

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