Monday, September 21, 2009

Bitch School

I can't believe it's the end of summer. Like officially now. September 22nd is the fall equinox. I think I went through some intense listening phases this summer. It was primarily Lookout!-Dangerhouse Summer 2K9, but especially at the beginning of the summer it was Slampt-fest. OK not so much Slampt, but a lot of stuff that sounds like it could be on Slampt. Basically just snotty grrrls playing fuzzy pop kinda stuff. Basically when I was ripping a bunch of vinyl there was one awesome bin with things like Bette Davis and the Balconettes and Budget Girls.

Bitch School is a band I don't know too much about, and I can't find any info about them. This self-titled 7" came out in 1999 I believe on Lipstick Records. Straight-up power pop with a bit of fuzz. Crush songs about record shops? The best!

If you know anymore about this band or how I might possibly get a copy of this 7", let me know! (If it wasn't clear from the picture, this copy is from the station.)

Bitch School- s/t 7"


Oh yeah and this weekend was awesome! Teenage Cool Kids were beyond fun. It was great to have a dance party with Audrey & Mark & Dan & lots of sweaty strangers I don't know. If you took pictures send me some.

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