Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Things I am not excited for when I get home:
doing lots of homework
mostly just that

Things I am excited for:
seeing Charlotte, Matt, Dani, family, etc.
December 26: Punch
December 27: Portraits of Past
December 30: Finally Punk

I'm pretty stoked for Punch (anyone wanna come with me?)... furiously fast/fastly furious hardcore from San Francisco. In all their pictures, they look ferocious live, and their EP, Eyeless, has been spinning regularly on my turntable since I picked it up over the summer. They toured the East Coast this past summer, but I missed it along with everything else when I was across the ocean.

Eyeless was recorded in October 2007 and released last April (I think) on 625 Thrash (not sure if I've ranted on here before about I trust pretty much anything put out on this label to be good) and Discos Huelga. They just did a repress (the third press), so get it while it's hot.

This is some of the angriest, most solid female-fronted hardcore around right now. Holy fuck... they're just so fast and pissed. Awesome onslaught for your ears.

Punch- Eyeless E.P.
Get it from Discos Huelga


Dominique Montgomery said...

OH WORD, thanks so much for upping this. I picked it up when we played with them in Baltimore so I'm stoked to get the mp3s!

Anonymous said...

see you there!


Catherine said...

awesome! say hi... i've got short hair & a libyans shirt on right now. (assuming you see this message of course)

Anonymous said...

saw it too late!
i probably saw you there, i was tabling zines with my buddy jake

im so bummed that that show turned out to be a bust!

-kevin said...

Hi, Wanna link up?!

Catherine said...

yeah, for sure! I read yours- you've been posting really awesome stuff lately. I'll do it right now.