Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Bread and Circuits/Former Members of Alfonsin

I just got back from seeing Finally Punk. They've got another 7" out now on M'Lady Records. Bobb Bruno played before them in some mouse suit or something. I'm not really into gimicky shit, and I didn't think his set was interesting. I was looking forward to seeing Finally Punk because I hadn't seen them before, but I thought they came off kind of flat. Decent set, but I think it's hard to follow up after seeing Portraits of Past. The reunion was awesome. The first ten minutes of their set were some of the most intense shit ever. I got chills up my spine, and everyone else was really into it to. I was also just really psyched to see it since I missed out on the shows they played this summer. The night before I was supposed to see Punch the night before, but the show got broken up before they could play, which was pretty disappointing. Get the repress of their 7" while you can because it's one of the best records of 2008.

I got an Amoeba gift certificate for Christmas, so got some fun new things, but I'm not letting myself go through them until after all my work is done.

Speaking of which, I have papers + exams through the 15th, so I probably won't be blogging much between now and then. Shortly after that, I'll be doing a CORIN TUCKER ORGY on WHRB... more details will follow on that.



This is sort of a request... someone wanted some lyrics for Former Members of Alfonsin a few weeks ago. I'm including pictures of the notes to this album with the upload, so hopefully you can read some of them.

The two bands on tour.

I picked up this split about a year ago. I think with this Bread and Circuits first catch your eye (or at least for me) because of the Mike Kirsch thing. I think I listen to the Former Members of Alfonsin side more though. Especially last year, I went through a phase when I would just keep that side up on my turn table.

Bread and Circuits are pretty standard Mike Kirsch fare (not that there's anything standard about him), fitting both chronologically & sonically somewhere between John Henry West & Please Inform the Captain This Is a Hijack. The band also included Jose from Struggle & Swing Kids and Mag of Yaphet Kotto.

I don't really know as much about Former Members of Alfonsin other than that they are not former members of a band called Alfonsin. They alternate male and female vocals some of the time, which I always really love. I think "Devil's Vocabulary Test" is my favorite song on the whole album.

Bread and Circuits/Former Members of Alfonsin split LP

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