Friday, December 5, 2008

November 20, 2008

Walls- Tread on Me
Laceration- Band-Aids Are for Pansies Who Bleed
Brutal Knights- Living by Yourself
Hatred Surge- Servant
End on End- Heritage
Ingrid- Tryangle
Bob Tilton
Shroomunion- Reloading
Karp- I'd Rather Be Clogging
Timber- Ritual Curse
Shorebirds- Off the Street
Frumpies- Malice and Discontent
Saboteurs- Fun Is Free
Tokidoki- Cookie Cutter
PS Eliot- Troubled Medium
Mind Eraser
Cult Ritual- Guiltless
Jenny Piccolo- Pre School
Amalthea- A Valued Landscape
The Birthday Party- She's Hit
Lake of Dracula
Antilles- Salvage
Frail- Ideal
Strikeforce Diablo- Akimbo
Direct Control- Crash and Burn
Tomorrow- Non e Degna Di Umano
The Fishsticks- Suck City
Brother Inferior- The Answer Lies
Libyans- Early Morning
Teenage Cool Kids- Write Back Soon
Tiger Trap- Puzzle Pieces
Lemuria- Clean
Slant 6- Poison Arrows Shot at Heroes
Vivian Girls- I Believe in Nothing
Red Thread- Double Speak
Spitboy- The Threat
Mother Fucking Titty Suckers- Chinese Eyes
Contaminators- Non Existant Love
Nightstick Justice- Sick and Tired
Chino Horde- Song I
By the End of Tonight- I Love Technology, I Love You Too
Zola Jesus- Dog

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