Thursday, December 4, 2008


I flew home for Thanksgiving last Tuesday, and Mamma Mia was the movie on my plane. After watching about 45 minutes (I don't know how I lasted that long... perhaps all the ABBA my dad made me listen to as a child), Evan's DST documentary provided some very welcome relief.

I expected to have a few packages that I ordered a long time ago waiting for me at home, one of them the Failures LP. I'm not sure what happened along the way, but I was sad to see that it had not arrived. Hopefully I can work things out with Will because this album destroys. I generally can't really put the words together for epic shit, so I'll let Walkie Talkies do some of the talking:
"Sean said it best: "They call themselves Failures when any one of their many projects is more than enough to retire on and look back on." Charles Bronson, Orchid, Ampere, Das Oath, Cut the Shit, Cancer Kids...and that's just the short list. Could we go on? Sure, but what's the point? You know the deal. Failures has a pedigree."

Basically, if you put these bands in a blender, you're guaranteed something good, and Failures certainly do not disappoint. I tend to make sweeping statements and overuse the word "favorite," but I think it's safe to say this is my favorite hardcore album of the year. Look for it tearing up the Record Hospital charts.

Failures- s/t
Get it from Clean Plate


icoulddietomorrow said...

I tried so hard to get into this (and make my purchase of the LP justified), but I just can't do it. :(. Everyone else seems to love it, though.

Bill Raid said...

It's weird, after spending weeks trying to find both the LP and mp3s of it I come across not only your blog but my favorite record store actually has a copy.

I opened the envelope so I guess no Ebay in a few years. Darn.

jøe said...

just bought this record rips!