Saturday, November 15, 2008

November 14, 2008

Timber- Beginning
Clikatat Ikatowi- Identity Crisis
JR Ewing- 1st Class Suicide
Christopher Robin- Brother
Loser Life- Mocking You
Walls- Same Guy, Same Story
Scapegoat- Hemorrhage
Cult Ritual- 8-9-69
Conniption- Gun Shy
Terminal Youth- Money and a Name
Little Lungs- Loft Coffin
Phantom Pregnancies- Suiciderama
Hey Girl!- Always Be My Baby
Teenage Cool Kids- Awkward Kind of Girl
Talulah Gosh- Talulah Gosh
Libyans- Losing Our Rights
Dahlia Seed- Milk
Heavens to Betsy- Me & Her
Pink Razors- Too Obvious
Ingrid- As Long As It Didn't Hurt
Cheeky- Get Outta Here
Shorebirds- Tinctures Are 90% Alcohol
Autistic Youth- I Don't Believe We Are Protected by the Police
Canadian Rifle- Man Shall Not Feel
Palatka- Rate x Time = Distance
Trifle Tower- Criancas de Rua
Deformed Conscience- Defense Mechanisms
Coleman- Dunce Cap
William Martyr 17- File Thirteen
Turboslut- Dry
Faithealer- Disgusting
Reach Out- Gadfly
Rudimentary Peni- Cosmetic Plague
Point of Few- Scarred for Life
Religious As Fuck- Maple St. Is Not Unique
Graf Orlock- A Shocking Interrogation
Red Thread- Walk Home
P.S. Eliot- Broken Record
Dead Uncles- City of Village Idiots
Rambo- All the Assholes Are Heroes Now
Tigershark- He's Not a Bartender, He's an Artist

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