Sunday, November 9, 2008

November 7, 2008

Sorry for the lack of updates this week. Election craziness & school called. I have my computer back, but it's being kind of weird for my hard drive, so listening to things/uploading stuff from my computer is still not totally functional. Anyway, here's a playlist from this week.

Cult Ritual- Guiltless
Elizabeth Herz- Easter Island
Devoid of Faith- Commodified Faith
Bloody Phoenix- Blasting Media
Faithealer- Pointless
Montcalm- I Stopped Believing in Existence
Rodan- Milk and Melancholy
Antilles- Salvage
The Republic of Freedom Fighters- Circle High Blood Sniffer
Little Lungs- Atlantic Bridge
Frustrations- Evil Twin
Kicking Giant- Alien ID
Sinks- Out of Control
Pink Razors- Too Obvious
Ingrid- What Makes You
Tribe 8- Manipulate
Margaret Thrasher- Next Best Thing
P.S. Eliot- Like How You Are
Des Ark- The Subtleties of Chores & Unlocked Doors
Lucy played 5 songs
Libyans- No Chances for an Orphan
Health Hazard- Head Room
Get Destroyed- Dirge
Hitler SS- No Solution
Turboslut- Too Little Too Late
Wasteland- River
Bleed- Mr. Elliott
Timber- Beginning
Logs- Tourniquet
Red Thread- Gasm
Nostril- Bewdong Canoe Start
On the Might of Princes- The Water vs. the Anchor
From Monument to Masses- Sharpshooter
Religious as Fuck- Standing Still
Robocop 3- Fuck You, Doc Holliday
A Trillion Barnacle Lapse
Universal Order of Armageddon- Painfully Obvious
Autistic Youth- Victim
Glo-Worm- Travelogue
Cheeky- Deal with It
Shorebirds- D.O.A.
Vivian Girls- Where Do You Run To?
MV & EE Medicine Show- Harvest
Tent City- Drought
Raincoats- Lola
I played about an hour more of stuff to because Kit the fucking dilettante did not show up for his show. Fuck that.

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Dan said...

The Robocop 3 song is "Fuck You Doc Hopper". Give America's favorite frog-leg entrepreneur his due.