Saturday, November 1, 2008

Tiger Trap

So today is my first anniversary and 100th post! The name of the blog if you didn't already pick up on it is a Tiger Trap song.

The song is on their self-titled LP and is one of my favorite pop love songs of all time. They formed in Sacramento, released their LP and a 10" (Sour Grass) in 1993, and were over by the end of that year. They also have a 7" (Supercrush"), a split with Bratmobile, one with Henry's Dress, and they contributed to a few comps. Please trade or sell me anything other than the LP & 7"!

The LP with my thumb

I think I love Tiger Trap so much because of the pace and energy of the pop they played. On our record in the station, spare wrote that they were the first American band that got what Heavenly was doing, which I completely agree with. They sped up indie pop, verging on a pop punk sound sometimes. Rose Melberg's girly vocals along with the often childlike subjects, however, keep their sound on the pop side.

Rose continually vies with Amelia Fletcher for my favorite lady of indie pop award. After Tiger Trap parted ways, she played in Go Sailor, the Softies, Gaze, and did some solo stuff. Maybe I'll post the interview we have with her at the station, but I think whoever the guy was did a pretty lackluster job.

Anyway, fall in love with "Puzzle Pieces" and Tiger Trap like I have!

Tiger Trap- self-titled


Christa said...

100? You don't look a day over 99.

Stephen said...

I love rose melberg. Definitely one of my favorite women of indie-pop. That record "Castaway the Clouds" she did a few years ago was great.