Friday, September 5, 2008

Teenbeat 100

I ventured to the Valley a couple days ago to get some supplies for tie dye. While I used to have to drive there every day of high school, I tend to avoid it now. As Johnny Drama recommends on Entourage, it's wise to avoid the Valley during the summer. I had to stop by Pagliacci’s for some of my favorite frozen yogurt since I was in the area.

Tie dye was accompanied Mario Kart- highly recommended on wii.

I had another flashback while going a bunch of old CDs in preparation for my trip to Amoeba… I sold a bunch back to finance my record purchases today. Mostly lots of indie rock from high school, but I did hang on to a couple. One of my favorites is Liz Phair’s Exile in Guyville. I still love this album and could listen to it over & over. My biggest Liz phase was junior year of high school when I drove two sophomore boys to school. I would make them listen to “Fuck and Run” over and over at very high volumes. They loved me, needless to say.

Anyway, one of my favorite finds at Amoeba today was the Teenbeat 100 7". It was put out by the Washington, DC label in conjunction with its eighth anniversary celebrations in 1993 (March 18 to be specific). Ten songs, one minute each, ten minutes total.

Super '90s indie rockers featured include Tsunami, Unrest, Eggs, & Bratmobile.

TeenBeat was started in 1985 by Mark Robinson (of Unrest). Its last release was in 2005.

Other favorite Amoeba finds include the Simple Machines Inclined Plane comp (with Rodan, Tsunami, Unrest, & Superchunk), Glo-Worm & Belmondo 7"s for 50 cents each, Tsunami's Deep End, Meneguar's I Was Born at Night, and Shark by My Sexual Dad (third release on Not Not Fun).

I'm headed back to school on Sunday and will be moving in next week, so I'm not sure how much/if I'll get around to posting. If anyone has any tips for shipping back a large quantity of records, give a shout.

Teenbeat 100


goooooood girl said...

So good......

Cassette Gods said...

that teenbeat 7" is a classic. when it first came out, Kim Gordon wrote a rave review of it that made me pick it up. it rules.

Capt. Dave Destroyer said...

hey, teenbeat is actually still alive and fact they just released what's essentially an unrest/air miami/etc reunion album. it's under the name Maybe It's Reno and it's really good!

heart - dave

Anonymous said...

I've been going crazy today trying to find out if My Sexual Dad has any off-shoot bands since their demise--know anything?