Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Finally Punk

This is a request, but I figured it was fitting for several reasons:
1. I had my Finally Punk shirt on earlier today.
2. They have a bunch of new shit coming out.
3. They're an awesome band, and I had intended to post this at some point anyway.

Finally Punk have been hyped a lot probably mostly because Tobi Vail said, "This is the band Bikini Kill was trying to inspire with all that riot grrl stuff. Four girls from Austin, TX playing their own style of punk that sound like equal parts Mika Miko, Lungleg and Meltdown. Hilarious, true and liberating. This is just as fresh-sounding as those Kleenex 7"s you are hunting for, and it's happening today!"
They also got a pretty stellar review from MAXIMUM ROCKNROLL.

Tobi doesn't do it, but I've seen others compare Finally Punk to Bikini Kill, pretty much just because they're a girl band. They may carry some of the themes of original riot grrrl bands (mostly the silliness) and draw inspiration from them, but that doesn't warrant the name-dropping. Tobi's got it right comparing them to more chaotic acts... I'd throw in Phantom Pregnancies too, and probably say they're closer to the Frumpies than to Bikini Kill.

Some of these are gone now, but they have a s/t CDLP (if seventeen & a half minutes counts as an LP), two seven inches (Primary Colors & s/t), and a live tape. I only have the tape & CD with me (media mail can be slow & some of my 7"s are in transit right now), but I'm pretty sure most the the tracks from the CD are on the self-titled 7". The CD & the self-titled 7" are now sold out (from the band although you might be able to hunt them down in a distro), but you can still get Primary Colors and the cassette.

I don't think they're still on hiatus now because they seem to have a West Coast tour coming up, but they were for a while (save the occassional SXSW performance and the like) because Elizabeth was (is?) in Providence for grad school and some one moved to California, where she joined up with some ladies of Mika Miko to form Finally Bomb Squad or Teenage Moms or whatever their name is now (they were always changing it for a while). They also seem to have a European tour planned for next summer.

Finally Punk's long list of upcoming releases includes a 7" called Hypertension on M'Lady's Records, a 10" & enhanced CD with new recordings on ABL Records, and another 7" on Germs of Youth for that Euro summer 2009 tour.

Finally Punk- self-titled
Buy their shit

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