Sunday, September 21, 2008

Pink Razors, DST, Walls, etc.

New Pink Razors tracks are up on their myspace! Two so far ("Not the Wrong Son" and "Too Obvious"). I've only listened to them a few times so far, but the band continues to deliver (especially after quite a long break). These are their first recordings with Erin Tobey (a favorite of mine, mainly as part of Abe Froman but also through her solo stylings). "Not the Wrong Son" takes advantage of her presence in the band, juxtaposing male & female vox in a way that always pleases me. I think "Too Obvious" sounds more like their other releases, with Erin only in the chorus backing vocals. I'm not complaining about Jeff's usual singing. These tracks are hyping me up for their new album, Leave Alive, which comes out mid-October on Houseplant Records (Erin & Jeff's label). Jeff & Erin both moved to Bloomington, Indiana, which means my plans for Fest '09 might be foiled.

No albums to post for now... I've been listening to the new Shorebirds this week courtesy Roxana. More pop punk goodness, but maybe not quite the glory of their 7" (which is being reissued on No Idea).

I saw Daniel Striped Tiger again on Friday at a house in Somerville. Glad they're playing a lot recently. The basement was really small, and I was afraid the guy from the first band was going to hit his head on the ceiling. I think it was the Big Bucks, but I'm not entirely clear. They were pretty good, but stoned & sloppy. It was definitely way different than the show at the Middle East, if only because of the venue. I prefer the smaller atmosphere, but playing at a bigger venue does offer the advantages of better sound mixing, etc. I'm kind of pissed that I don't think I'll be able to see their next show because it's at the Church (21+). I also really want to see Young Widows.

I'm kind of sick right now and am hoping for a speedy recovery. Off to reading, but get ready to destroy yourself:

and don't forget: SECRET ABUSE + more on Tuesday. Scroll down for more information. Get in touch at for directions/questions

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