Tuesday, May 6, 2008

J Church

When I buried myself in Amoeba for about six hours straight over winter break, I made one of my most incredible finds: the first two J Church singles for something like $4 each.

Lance Hahn tragically passed away in October of last year at the age of 40 after suffering from kidney problems for years. He left an incredible legacy of music (with J Church and Cringer) and punk history (writing for things like MAXIMUMROCKNROLL).
Evan did a really nice tribute orgy to Lance on WHRB this past January.

J Church's first proper release was the She Said She Wouldn't Sacrifice 7" on Allied Recordings in 1991.

"Bomb" is probably my favorite J Church song.... "The bomb is in the briefcase and it's aimed against the bourgeois state"- that's pretty punk rock.

This Song Is for Kathi was released in 1992 on Broken Rekids. According to the J Church website, Blake from Jawbreaker sang back-ups on the chorus of "Kathi." "Girl In A Magazine" was a true story about Colleen Applegate, a porn star who blew her brains out in a cloud of cocaine.

These two 7"s were included on Camels, Spilled Corona and the Sound Of Mariachi Bands, the first J Church singles compilation.

The warm weather and my lack of will to write my four papers make it the perfect time for pop punk (and blogging instead of writing).

J Church- She Said She Wouldn't Sacrifice
J Church- This Song Is for Kathi

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