Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Death to False Grind; the Death of Grind

So maybe "the death of grind" is a bit dramatic, but I found out a couple days ago that Insect Warfare are breaking up after their final show at Dude Fest this July. Serious bummer.

I don't listen to that much grindcore, but I love Insect Warfare, and they've definitely been one of the most awesome grind bands the past few years.

Their only LP release came last September with World Extermination. It was released by 625 Thrash & RSR. Every time I listen to it, I'm just kind of in disbelief-- so fucking fast, so fucking hard. And it gets better pretty much every time. (Yes, Milli, I know it sounds dirty.)

I don't think I can do it that much justice, so I'll leave it to 625:
"Seriously, this needs to be heard to be believed. No tech, no minamalist noise, this is pure, straight forward, raw grindcore that no other band seems able to deliver these days. While the larger death metal labels are salivating over this band, IxWx stay true to their DIY roots and prove that 1000mph raw grindcore belongs in the underground. Be prepared for slaughter."

Their final release will be the Noise Grind Power Death noisecore 7" EP-- "fuck it, end it on a noise note." It'll be a one-sided 12" on 625 with a CD release as well.

Insect Warfare- World Extermination

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